University Administration

Administrative Offices support the University's mission by providing quality service to the University's stakeholders and to the wider community.

Office of the President Provides leadership to the University's pursuit of its mission to transform the way people think and do things through education, research and service to achieve its vision to become a global knowledge enterprise.
Office of the Provost Formulates, implements and assesses academic policies and programmes to promote scholarship and ensure quality education and research in the University.
Deputy President (Administration), Office of the Formulates, develops, implements and reviews corporate policies, procedures, processes and projects and oversees the corporate cluster to provide effective and efficient administrative services for the University.
Deputy President (Research & Technology), Office of the Sets policies for research, oversees the allocation of research funding and builds research excellence at NUS.
Vice President (Campus Infrastructure), Office of the Responsible for space and physical planning, physical resource management and sustainable development in the University. It oversees the offices of Estate Development; Facilities Management; Campus Amenities; Safety, Health and Environment; Campus Security and Yale-NUS College Development and Construction. It also works closely with the offices of Environmental Sustainability and Housing Services to provide lean and green services to the campus community.
Vice President (University & Global Relations), Office of the Formulates and implements the University's internationalisation strategies as well as oversees the strategic communication within the University and beyond.
Secretariat, Board of Trustees Provides secretariat and administrative support to the Board of Trustees and Board Committees in the discharge of their fiduciary duties and as they provide oversight in the management of the University; serves as a communication platform between the Board of Trustees and Management; and coordinates and organises Board meetings, Board Committee meetings and events involving the Board of Trustees.
Admissions, Office of Administers matters pertaining to admission of undergraduate students, outreach activities and award of scholarships for freshmen.
Alumni Relations, Office of Promotes and cultivates relations with alumni and friends; facilitates networking among alumni, students and NUS; and cultivates and engages alumni in fund-raising to support innovative NUS projects and programmes.
Campus Amenities, Office of Provides transport services, car park management, event logistics, retail and dining amenities to create a lively and engaging campus conducive to learning and living.
Campus Security, Office of Committed to provide the campus community a highly secure and safe environment for work and study.
Computer Centre Spearheading the development of reliable, secure, versatile and high-performing infrastructure and innovative solutions for transformative education, impactful research, service excellence and business enablement.
Corporate Relations, Office of Promotes the image and reputation of NUS through strategic communication within the University and beyond, using media, print and electronic means, as well as University events.
Development Office Leads NUS efforts in building resources to achieve its mission by taking the responsibility for the cultivation and stewardship of philanthropic support to the University.
Development of Teaching & Learning, Centre for Enhancement of quality of teaching and learning through faculty development, student support, advancement of innovative and effective pedagogy, education research, and pedagogically sound application of IT for teaching and learning.
Environmental Sustainability, Office of Integrates sustainability into our campus operations, planning, construction, education, research, instruction and public service.
Estate Development, Office of Responsible for infrastructure development to create a vibrant and comfortable working and living campus to support the University's evolving teaching and research needs while further enhancing student experience.
Facilities Management, Office of Maintains university physical, mechanical and electrical infrastructure, leveraging on efficient technologies to provide a safe and sustainable environment for the NUS community.
Financial Services, Office of Administers the University's finances and provision of financial services.
Housing Services, Office of Provides quality service in the management of faculty housing facilities and related matters.
Human Resources, Office of Develops, implements and manages human resource policies, procedures and practices. 
Instructional Technology, Centre for (CIT) Provides a robust and supportive environment for the exploration, development and application of digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
Internal Audit, Office of Provides independent and objective analyses and appraisals of business, administrative, financial and accounting activities and value-added recommendations to achieve best practices in corporate governance and risk controls.
International Relations Office Initiates and facilitates interactions with overseas institutions.
Investment Office Responsible for the management of University Endowment Funds and other funds belonging to the University. Also implements long-term strategic investment policy and monitors assets under its management.
Legal Affairs, Office of Represents the University in all legal matters, and provides legal counsel to the Board, senior management, academic, administrative and research units of the University and related organisations, arising from University activities.
NUS Centre for the Arts Manages all facets of arts and culture in the University.
NUS Enterprise Promotes the spirit of innovation and enterprise within the NUS community, and generates value from University resources through Experiential Education, Industry Engagement and Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Support.
NUS Entrepreneurship Centre Nurtures the spirit and practice of entrepreneurship among NUS students, professors, researchers and alumni; establishes NUS as a leading technology entrepreneurship educational hub in Singapore and Asia.
NUS Industry Liaison Office Protects, manages and commercialises NUS' intellectual property and technologies, promotes university-industry research collaboration, and facilitates the formation and operation of spin-off and start-up companies.
NUS Libraries Provides library services and administration.
NUS Museum Administers and develops NUS' art collections. It is committed towards exhibition, acquisition, conservation, research, teaching and life-long learning.
NUS Overseas Colleges Develops the entrepreneurial traits of NUS undergraduates by immersing them in leading entrepreneurial and academic hubs of the world, with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurs with a global mindset.
NUS Press Pte Ltd Operates Singapore University Press Pte Ltd, which publishes academic books. It also explores new avenues for publishing and disseminating the research output of NUS.
Organisational Excellence Office Promotes the adoption of "best-in-class" organisational excellence (OE) practices and infuses a sustainable culture of business process, operational, and service excellence at NUS.
Registrar's Office Administers academic matters including student records, degrees and curriculum, examinations, and student discipline.
Resource Planning, Office of Resource planning and budget allocation, including formulating, reviewing and analysing the University's operating, strategic and capital budgets, spending and fee policies.
Risk Management, Office of Facilitates the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management for the University.
Safety, Health & Environment, Office of Creates a safe and healthy work and study environment for NUS staff and students through the promotion of safe work practices and maintenance of high safety standards.
Student Affairs, Office of Fosters a dynamic and balanced student life through extensive student support services such as student activities, career planning, student housing and residential life, international student services and sports and recreation.
University Health Centre Provides comprehensive outpatient medical care and counselling services for students and staff. It also promotes and facilitates holistic health activities that improve the well-being of staff in the University.
University Town Management Office Acts as the central administrative support and front office for the UTown Council in managing the educational premises, and providing support to events, student activities and programmes held in University Town.
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