ALSET’s primary aim is to improve the NUS educational experience through the application of learning science and educational technology. Through research and development, we serve to help faculty teach and students learn to the best of their abilities.

For Students

Beyond earning a degree, we hope that students graduate NUS having become lifelong learners and skilled decision-makers. ALSET’s work assists students in getting the most out of their university education, for example, by receiving personalized feedback and coaching.

To foster student success, ALSET will offer practical instruction on how to learn better and how to make better choices. We have plans to develop course material to be infused into the NUS curriculum as learning strategies applied to specific disciplines and embedded into introductory courses.

Special events and projects give students a chance to directly partner with ALSET, and we welcome their input on the learning and innovation process.

For Faculty

To promote educational best practices, ALSET will provide research and evaluation support to assist faculty in gaining a better understanding of the effectiveness of their pedagogical approaches.

Working closely with other NUS institutions such as the Centre for Teaching & Learning Development and Centre for Instructional Technology, ALSET will contribute to the advancement of applications and innovations in education (e.g., flipped classroom, gamification).

Offering research expertise, ALSET will help to assess, shape, and then execute new educational strategies, for example, in incorporating new technology or scaling educational methods for large groups of students.