At ALSET, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the latest advances in learning science and education technology make it to the classroom. We achieve this by offering (a) courses on learning science for students and adult learners, and (b) services for faculty.

ALSET Courses

In 2017, ALSET launched ALS1010 - Learning to Learn Better (LTLB), a course that uses blended learning approaches to examine recent research and longstanding wisdom from the field of learning science. In 2018, we will also offer this class as a for-credit class for undergraduates at NUS and an adult learning seminar at the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education.

ALSET Courses

Students and teachers celebrate completion of LTLB pilot.
ALSET staff involved in the course include Fun Man Fung (far left), Adeetee Bhide (front right) and Bob Kamei (left of Adeetee)

Services for Faculty

Working closely with other NUS institutions such as the Centre for Teaching & Learning Development and Centre for Instructional Technology, we will contribute to the advancement and evaluation of pedagogical and technological innovations in education.