At ALSET, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the latest advances in learning science and education technology make it to the classroom.

Education Unit

ALSET Courses

ALSET offers classes for students and working adults on the basic principles of how we learn, choose, and think. These classes help people of all ages to develop strategies for learning in the most efficient, productive, and enjoyable manner possible. This cultivates the skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing job market and an increasingly complex world.

ALS1010 and ALS1010CP – Learning to learn Better

In 2017, ALSET launched ALS1010 - Learning to Learn Better (LTLB), an undergraduate course that examines recent research and longstanding wisdom from the field of learning science. A blended learning experience, ALS1010 helps students avoid common misconceptions about learning and develop healthy, evidence-based study habits. It includes 12 short instructional videos on key concepts in learning science, including self-motivation, goal setting, self-organising, practice, repetition, spacing, interleaving, making connections, collaboration, and managing sleep.

In 2018, ALSET launched ALS1010CP, a similar course for working adults that is offered via the School of Continuing and Lifelong Education(SCALE), a new institution that supports working adults and employers to create lifelong learning opportunities (SCALE provides part-time degrees, modular certificate courses, executive development programmes, and free or discounted classes for NUS alumni).

Both courses fulfill university requirements for 2 Modular Credits (MC).

ALS1020 – Learning to Choose

In 2018, ALSET also launched Learning to Choose, a course on the fundamentals of decision making and cognitive bias, which will be launched in AY2018/2019. Through discussion and reflection on common biases, which are discussed in compelling e-lectures, learners will critically assess their own decision-making processes and avoid common traps, such as confirmation bias, gambler’s fallacy, and the endowment effect.

This is a 2MC module and fulfills the University Unrestricted Electives (UE) requirement.

Supporting Faculty

For NUS teaching staff, including Educator Track and Tenure Track faculty, we support you in conducting educational research and evaluating pedagogical interventions in your classes. To learn more about how to partner with ALSET by joining as a Core or Affiliated Faculty, please contact Fun Man Fung, ALSET’s Assistant Director (Education).

To view our current membership, please visit our Researcher Directory.