Grant-supported Research projects

Below is a list of the main grants won by ALSET affiliates for Educational Research:


Scalable interventions for cultivating strategically self-regulated learners
Patricia Chen (Psychology)
NRF Fellowship, 2019
Effects of sleep behaviour and study spacing on long-term memory
Joshua Gooley (Duke-NUS)
NRF, 2018
The trade-off between sleep and additional study time
Joshua Gooley (Duke-NUS)
NRF, 2019
Scalable Mindset Interventions to Nurture Strategic, Self- Regulated Learners
Patricia Chen (Psychology)
Singapore Millennium Foundation, 2018
Promoting Student Performance & Motivation with A Growth Mindset of Interest
Paul O’Keefe (Yale-NUS)
MOE (TRF & MAF), 2017
Course Suggestion for Career Planning: Evaluating Strategies to Support Lifelong Learning
Robert Kamei (YLLSOM), Kan Min-Yen (Soc)
IAL, 2018-2019
Regulatory Focus and SSG Career Development Course Use
Jia Lile (Psychology)
WDARF, 2019-2022
Building a Recommendation System in Lifelong Learning for Citizens
Kan Min-Yen (SoC), Fung Fun Man (Chem), Alex Biotteau (ALSET)
Campus France & NUS, 2019-2020
Learning how to learn better at Villebon institute, Orsay
Fung Fun-Man (Chem), Joshua Gooley (Duke-NUS)
Université de Paris, 2018
Computer-assisted pronunciation evaluation and training in Korean
Wang Ye (SoC), Mihi Park (CLS)