Innovation & Entrepreneurship


In addition to its roles as an educational resource and a research hub, ALSET promotes innovative and entrepreneurial projects in the learning science and educational technology arena. With our “Learning Innovation Laboratory,” we aim to be at the forefront of the next revolution in education.

Drawing on synergy with other NUS institutions such as NUS Enterprise, ALSET facilitates partnerships – among faculty, students, other universities, industry players, and entrepreneurs. Our unique positioning within the university and broader community enables us to match academic interests with industry projects and foster entrepreneurial relationships.

Learning Innovation Laboratory

The Institute’s Learning Innovation Laboratory serves as a platform where education professionals, faculty, students, and industry players can come together to better model, develop, test out, and deploy effective learning technology. It is:

  • A place to bring educational challenges and look for solutions with a group of researchers and practitioners from diverse fields
  • A springboard for cross-company and academic collaborations in the incubation and spin-off of innovative education products and solutions
  • A venue for students to test their ideas and to form relationships with faculty and industry
  • A forum to hear from thought leaders in education and technology

ALSET is not a stand-alone institute, but a facilitator of a larger network. We help dissolve traditional boundaries to forge enterprising collaborations. Our partnership models include:

  • University-to-University, University-to-Industry
  • Cross-Faculty, Academic-to-Industry
  • Students-to-Faculty, Students-to-Industry
  • Entrepreneurs-to-Establishment
Ideas and Experimentation

ALSET is a space where new ideas can flourish. Our goal is to empower faculty, students, and entrepreneurs to explore and experiment with novel approaches to learning and education in a variety of contexts. We hope to build on the current climate of educational innovations at NUS, such as:

  • University Scholars Programme (USP)
  • Special Programme in Science (SPS) at the Faculty of Science
  • Design-Centric Programme (DCP) at the Faculty of Engineering
  • TeamLEAD at Duke-NUS