ALSET strives to be a leading hub for learning science and education technology researchers in Asia. We collaborate across a wide range of academic departments and disciplines in order to be one of the most interdisciplinary educational research institutes of its kind. Our ultimate focus is on students and adult learners. Our goal is to help them learn better.

Scroll down or follow the links to learn more about our Research Theme Leads, Levels of Faculty Appointment, and the ALSET Educational Data Lake.

ALSET's Research Theme Leads

ALSET's research efforts are organized around four research themes and spearheaded by our Research Theme Leaders, who serve as champions for learning science and education technology within their disciplines. Our research themes and their respective leaders are shown below:

Research Theme Leads

More information on our research theme leads can be found in our Researcher Directory.

ALSET’s Four Levels of Faculty Appointment

The ALSET research community is organized according to four levels of faculty appointment. Each level has different responsibilities and receives different benefits from the institute.

ALSET Faculty Four Levels

Further detail on the responsibilities and benefits available to ALSET Researchers are shown in the table below.

Summary of Benefits for ALSET Researchers

Research Theme Leader Core Faculty Member Affiliated Faculty Member Allied Faculty Member
Outreach and Core Research Funding * Enhanced
Access to Data Lake Review
Access to Seed Funding ** Once per year
When Presenting
ALSET funded
When Presenting
ALSET funded
Access to Education Conference Funding
IRB Support
Grant Support ***
Educational Research
Statistical Support ; As Needed
Participant Recruitment
Featured on ALSET site
ALSET Function Present / Organize Expected to Attend Encouraged to Attend Invited
ALSET info Sharing

* Includes funding for post-doctoral researcher or equivalent (Approximately SGD $100,000) to support their research.
** Typically $10,000 - $20,000 and provided with the expectation that recipients apply for external funding within 12 months.
*** ALSET provides a grant calendar and matrix highlighting relevant external funding opportunities; this document us updated monthly by the research office

The ALSET Educational Data Lake

In collaboration with NUS IT and other stakeholders from across the university, ALSET plays a central role in the development and maintenance of the ALSET Educational Data Lake, a powerful resource for learning science and education technology researchers.

The Data Lake aggregates information from across the university on student backgrounds, behaviors, and outcomes—including long-term outcomes in the workforce. The table below provides an overview of the current data sources as of March 2018.

Data Lake Sources

ALSET also works with stakeholders from across NUS—including faculty, students, and the administration—to develop policies and processes for engaging the community on data ethics and management. The goal is to ensure that the data is used in an ethical and compliant manner, and that the security and privacy of student data is protected at all times.