NUS Day of Service

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The NUS Day of Service is a day when the whole NUS family comes together to give back to the community through service and action. This event reinforces NUS' strong tradition of serving and contributing to our country and society.

Dedicate a few hours on Saturday to do your part for a cause that is close to your heart, and discover just how fun and purposeful it can be! You can also meet new friends who share interest in your common cause.

Save the Date!


The annual Day of Service takes place on the first Saturday of September every year.

Keep your calendar free on 5 September 2020!

Be A Champion


Check back in April 2020 to find out when does registration for Champions and Participants open.

Be a Champion! You activity can be an ongoing community service or a new initiative, in Singapore or overseas. There are no restrictions on the type of activity as long as it benefits the community. This toolkit and list of possible volunteer opportunities will serve as a helpful guide.

Or you can Participate in one – ask your friends and families along!