Pioneer batch of NUS-FinTechSG Programme Students Graduate!

10 September

The pioneer batch of NUS-FinTechSG Programme students have graduated!

1. All Singaporean participants received job offers.

2. They did not have FinTech backgrounds and grew into it.

3. They built their experience in FinTech and are able to jump into new roles.

“As the Roman poet Horace said many years ago, ‘Carpe Diem’, or ‘Seize the Day’ in English. The world as we knew it has changed because of emerging technologies, innovations, and geo-political factors. COVID-19 has further fuelled the change and we must adapt quickly to the new environment and seize opportunities when they appear on the horizon. I congratulate our first batch of FinTech professional certificate graduates who are facing the challenges that are transforming the financial industry. I wish them great success and may the things they learned propel them to great heights in their career, " said Prof Alex Siow, Director of the NUS Strategic Technology Management Institute.

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