Pharmacy Alumni Group at Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day

15 August

Although they were not able to gather physically for this year’s Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day, the Department of Pharmacy held a Facebook live session on 15 August to celebrate the occasion.

The live session was held in 2 parts featuring Mr Michael Ker (’01) and Mr Sean Ang (’10), and hosted by Ms Low Kai Xin (’17), Ms Rachel Yeo (’17), and Mr Neville Chua (’17) from the Pharmacy Alumni Group.

In the first part titled “Bringing Popiah Live to Your Homes”, Michael presented a live demonstration of popiah-skin making and wrapping while explaining the origins and culture behind the local delicacy.

Thereafter was a “Kopi-talk” with Sean, who started a series of kopi-talkshows called “Life, Love & Lipidemia” during the Circuit Breaker. It was a cozy chat where the audience got to hear how the idea came about, as well as take away useful advice on how to make "1 tablet 3 times a day" mean something to a patient and inspire them to take ownership of their health!

Thank you to all the viewers who joined the live session and chatted with Pharmacy alumni! If you missed the live session, you may rewatch the live video here.

Submitted by Ms Ng Shi Ying.

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