July 2019 Update

  1. SoTL-Asia Symposium. Look out for an announcement from Peter Looker, our organiser and host for the Second SoTL-Asia Symposium in September 2019!
  2. Warm congratulations to our Singapore member, Nacha Sockalingam – she has been inducted as an ISSOTL fellow! 
    More info on this link in case you have missed the announcement earlier from ISSOTL.
  3. ISSOTL. If you are planning to be in Atlanta for ISSOTL Conference, let me know! Love to meet up over one of the lunches or tea breaks perhaps. The word document “Your SoTL Story” is a survey request from me and my co-facilitators, for a pre-conference workshop that we are conducting at ISSOTL this year. Pls help us if you can. Thank you.
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May 2019 Update

  1. HERDSA– there is an article by NUS colleagues Siok Kuan and Kankana: “Where freshmen aspirations meet reality: factors influencing the learning outcomes of a living-and-learning program in an Asian university”, Kankana Mukhopadhyay & Siok Kuan Tambyah,
    More announcements from HERDSA
  2. ISSOTL– I have a small review article in this one: “Sitting at the edge of (most) disciplines: Contemplating the contemplative in classroom practice”, A review of The Contemplative Mind in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Patricia Owen-Smith, Indiana University Press, 2018. - Huang Hoon Chng
    More announcements from ISSOTL
  3. If you are planning to be in Atlanta in October for ISSOTL, could you let me know? My colleagues Wu Siew Mei, KC Lee, and I are joining forces with Mills Kelly to offer a pre-conference workshop on SoTL leadership, and love to see you there in Atlanta.
  4. SIG on Inclusive Education. I know that Gek Ling has begun some discussions on her new SIG “Inclusive Education” – pls contact her at if you are curious about this.
  5. I also know that Mark Gan and Misty Cook have plans to continue work on their Assessment/Feedback SIG – Mark can be contacted at
  6. NTU Symposium: Peter Looker of NTU will be in touch with all of us soon about the NTU-hosted 2nd SoTL Asia Symposium in September – pls look out for it.

March 2019 Update

  1. SIG on Inclusive Education: Pls sign up with Lee Gek Ling if you wish to join her for a new SIG on Inclusive Education. (
  2. NTU Symposium: Please mark the dates for the second symposium to be hosted by NTU – 19 and 20 September 2019 (details to come)
  3. Facilitators of SIGs (e.g. technology, assessment, SoTL across Disciplines, non-conventional teaching contexts):I hope you will continue engaging our members. If anyone wants to join these SIGs, pls let me know and I will connect you.
  4. Calls and conferences:
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February 2019 Update

  1. SIG on Scholarship of Technology-Enhanced Learning (SoTEL)

A/P Goh Poh Sun from Yong Loo School of Medicine at NUS shares about Digital Scholarship and Engagement - Indicators, Metrics, Value and Impact

Additional Updates

As promised, here are additional updates to add to Feb updates below. Apart from the 3 attached calls, including ISSOTL-Atlanta, pls note the following:

  1. NTU Peter Looker has provided the following info for our own Symposium 2019:

    Dates: 19-20 September 2019 (Thursday, Friday) 
    Theme: (From Peter): “It will be around what institutions can do to support and foster SoTL....  What I would like to see coming out of it is something like a list of guidelines (nothing imperative or binding) that institutions might consider for fostering SoTL, just a loose agreement about things that might help SoTL along”. Peter has assured me that the theme when fully confirmed, will be broad enough to be inclusive. Stay tuned for more info to come. [Apologies to Peter – he sent me the symposium date info earlier but I overlooked this detail.]

  2. NEW SIG, CALL FOR MEMBERS: Since my email below, my NUS colleague, Lee Gek Ling of Centre for English Language Communication in NUS, has proposed a new SIG on “Inclusive Education”. Please contact her at if you wish to join her. She will facilitate a first discussion once she gets enough people signing up with her.

  3. BLOG START: Also, my NUS colleague Goh Poh Sun of Yong Loo School of Medicine in NUS, has volunteered to start a first blog, on “digital scholarship” (or related issue). Stay tuned for it.

  4. LINKS: I also wish to include the following links that take you directly to our SoTL-Asia site and the archived list of SoTL-Asia updates (thanks to NUS colleague Charina Ong for doing this up for me)

  5. Calls and conferences:

February updates

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

Pls find attached the Feb updates I have accumulated for you! 2 upcoming items:

  1. As a number of items are time sensitive, I am sending this on without the NTU update on the 2019 Symposium that is being planned. When Peter Looker has a free moment, he will update us about the plans he and his team are hatching for us!
  2. I will also come back soon as the ISSOTL 2019 Call for Papers is ready – This coming ISSOTL will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from 9-12 October 2019, with the theme, “SoTL Without Borders: Engaged Practices for Social Change”.

    I attach a document called “SoTL-Asia 2019 Plans” – this is actually an edited version of an email I sent to our SoTL-Asia Board. I thought I share it with all of you more or less verbatim, so that you can chime in with your ideas too. These are just thoughts we are playing with – let me know if you think they are useful, and also propose something if you have a good idea for 2019 too.

    I hope everyone is off to a good start for 2019, and the new Lunar New Year. Pls don’t hesitate to drop me a note anytime.

    FYI – Johan Geertsema (CDTL Director, NUS) has suggested that I archive these updates by parking them on the SoTL-Asia website. This will mean that anyone (especially new members) who wants to go back to view a past update can easily do so. It also means we will have a kind of a record of things we are doing on this network. I will be forwarding past updates to Johan soon.

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    2018 SoTL-Asia Updates