Developing a Teaching Portfolio

About the Course

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The teaching portfolio plays a critically important role in documenting one’s achievement as an academic teacher and assumes a key role in promotion processes. It is further a tool for reflecting upon ongoing professional learning and personal growth. The main goals of this course are to examine what constitutes university teaching of high quality and how to document as well as reflect on it through a teaching portfolio. The course pays special attention to the teaching philosophy, criteria for good teaching, and evidence in support of claims as to one's achievement. Discussion of samples and the provision of feedback constitute integral components of the course; following the course, optional one-to-one consultations to discuss teaching philosophy statements and portfolios are available on request.

Course Leaders

  • Mark GAN
  • Adrian LEE
  • LEE Kooi Cheng

For further information about the teaching portfolio course, please contact:

Mark GAN
Associate Director, CDTL