Toolkit for E-Learning

In light of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (Covid-19), CDTL has opened additional workshops and online webinars to provide immediate support to colleagues looking to provide meaningful online teaching and learning experiences. The additional sessions and resources are listed below

You can also refer to the "NUS Quick Guide to Online Teaching" and "Teaching and Learning Continuity" for further help in conducting your lectures and tutorials online. 

Workshops and Online Webinars

Zoom for online teaching (Webinar)05 Feb,10:00-12:00**
10 Feb,10:00-12:00**
11 Feb,10:00-12:00**
12 Feb,10:00-12:00**
13 Feb,15:00-17:00**
14 Feb,10:00-12:00**
14 Feb,15:00-17:00**
19 Feb,10:30-12:30**
20 Feb,10:30-12:30**
25 Feb,15:00-17:00**
27 Feb,14:00-16:00
02 Mar,10:00-12:00
03 Mar,14:00-16:00
04 Mar,14:00-16:00
05 Mar,10:00-12:00
09 Mar,15:00-17:00
11 Mar,14:00-16:00
13 Mar,10:00-12:00
17 Mar,14:00-16:00
26 Mar,10:00-12:00
07 April,10:00-12:00 
15 April,10:00-12:00
 Microsoft Teams for teaching online (Webinar)28 Feb,10:00-12:00
03 Mar,10:00-12:00
06 Mar,10:00-12:00
12 Mar,10:00-12:00
16 Mar,10:00-12:00
14 April,10:00-12:00
Designing Online Assessments Using LumiNUS17 April,10:00-12:00Register
Recording online lectures with Panopto (Webinar)
7 Feb,10:00-12:00**
13 Feb,10:00-12:00**
02 Mar,13:00-15:00
Helping students adapt to an online learning environment (Webinar)14 Feb,15:00-17:00
Developing e-learning resources using Camtasia Studio (self-paced online course)11 Feb,14:00-16:00**
17 Feb,10:00-12:00**
Managing online learning using LumiNUS (Webinar)18 Feb,10:00-12:00
18 Mar,10:00-12:00
Facilitating effective online discussions using LumiNUS (Webinar)18 Feb,13:00-15:00
18 Mar,13:00-15:00
Assessing student learning using LumiNUS (Webinar)18 Feb,15:30-17:30
18 Mar,15:30-17:30
Using ExamSoft for digital assessment and feedback (Webinar)19 Feb,16:00-17:30
13 Mar,09:00-12:00
Moderating online synchronous discussions for tutorials (Webinar)21 Feb,11:30-13:00
25 Mar,12:00-13:30

** Fully Booked