TEG Education Conference Allowances

About TEG Education Conference Allowances

Recipients of TEG awards are expected to share publicly what they have learnt. The Education Conference Allowances provide financial assistance to support the presentation of work at an education conference of up to $5,000. Awardees of Education Conference Allowances are further expected to share their work on return to NUS so as to help improve institutional practice.

Application is open to all full-time faculty teaching members of NUS, subject to existing University guidelines on Academic Staff Conferences. Funds for such assistance are very limited and so applicants who have been funded in the last three years may not be considered. In awarding assistance, the CDTL review panel will consider the scholarly depth of the research work, the quality and reputation of the conference, and the potential of the work to impact student learning and experience in NUS.

Application for TEG Education Conference Allowances remain open throughout the year. However, it is recommended that any application for a conference within FY2020 is submitted before 31 December 2020. 

Application Form