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Teaching Awards

The University promotes teaching on campus through various teaching awards - the Outstanding Educator Award (OEA), the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA), the ATEA Honour Roll, and the Career Achievement Award for Pedagogical Excellence (CAPE). These awards serve three important functions: (1) recognises teachers who excel in their profession, (2) indicates the importance that the institution accords to teaching, and (3) sends clear signals to the teaching community about what the institution regards as high quality teaching.

This year, the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) will be hosting the ATEA Ceremony and OEA Public Lectures on 19 November 2019 in conjunction with Learning on NUS Campus, which showcases excellent teachers presenting short examples and demos of their lessons.

ATEA Ceremony and OEA Public Lectures
19 November 2019 
Lecture Theatre 3

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Time Activity
14:00-14:15 Celebrating Teaching
Assoc Prof Johan GEERTSEMA
Director, CDTL
14:15-15:15 Keynote Address
Charting the journey for lifelong education and adult learning at the National University of Singapore
Prof HO Teck Hua
Senior Deputy President and Provost
15:15-16:15 Outstanding Educator Award Public Lecture Series

Deform to Create
Assoc Prof Hans TAN
School of Design & Environment

In this talk, the speaker will elaborate on a peculiar approach to designing pedagogy based on the concept of “Deformative Inquiry”, which he developed from his personal practice as an award-winning designer. Contrary to the popular belief that creativity forms new ideas, it emphasises the importance of deforming as a starting point for imaginative thinking, exercised at the intersection of thought exploration and hands-on experimentation. This approach reflects Gaston Bachelard’s interpretation of one’s imagination: “We always think of the imagination as the faculty that forms images. On the contrary, it deforms what we perceive.” 

Me? Teach? The Evolution of an Incidental Teacher
Assoc Prof NGA Min En
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

In the journey of any academic, periods of self-doubt and uncertainty are inevitable.  However, these moments of reflection and even angst can be drivers for self-improvement, and each challenge is an opportunity for creativity, courage and action.  As a doctor who became an ‘incidental teacher’, I have been fortunate enough to have distilled some personal insights from what can sometimes be the tumultuous journey of an educator.  I share these in the hope that others may be similarly encouraged, as we strive toward a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

16:15-16:30 Presentation of Annual Teaching Excellence Awards & Honour Roll Certificates
Prof HO Teck Hua
Senior Deputy President and Provost
16:30 Tea Reception
End of programme