Abstracts and Presentations

How many papers can I propose?

Maximum of two

What is the maximum number of participants in a workshop?
Can I change the title of my paper, panel, or workshop, after it is submitted?
Yes, but the changes must be submitted to elcjds@nus.edu.sg before the closing date of 15 November 2015.
Am I responsible for my own handouts?
Yes, please prepare 30 sets.
I am presenting a poster session, what size is allowed?
Please use A1 (Dimensions are: 594 X 841mm).

Registration and Payment

Can I pay the registration fees when I attend the symposium? Do I still qualify for the early bird registration fees?

Yes, you may pay the fees during the symposium opening hours if you are a participant and not a presenter, but the early bird registration fee will not apply.

For group presentations, how do we submit the abstract for the symposium?
Only the first author submits the abstract, his/her own particulars and provides brief information, including the email addresses of the other authors. All group members will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the abstract.
How can a group register for the symposium?
For groups of 3 or more members, a group member has to provide the full names of all group members during registration. A Group Registration ID will be issued via an email sent to all group members so that the others can register with that Group ID.

Publication of Proceedings

Are the proceedings for this symposium printed or electronic copies?
The proceedings of the Symposium will be published in an electronic form as a special edition of ELTWO (the online peer-reviewed journal of CELC).
Whose papers will be published in the proceedings?
All symposium presenters are invited to submit their papers for consideration to be published in the proceedings. Once the papers are submitted, they will be subjected to a peer-review process. Those that are recommended by the peer reviewers will be published.
Can a paper be submitted for the Symposium proceedings without being presented in the symposium?
No. Only papers presented at the Symposium will be considered.
When does a paper have to be submitted for consideration to be published in the proceedings?
All presenters are invited to submit their full papers by 1st July 2016 for consideration for publication.


How much will it cost me to travel between Changi airport, NUS and other venues?

Singapore has excellent transportation options.  These include reasonable taxis, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System, and clean public buses. In addition, NUS has internal shuttle buses which can help connect you with public transport.


a.       Taxis - Taxis in Singapore are standardized and dependable.  While their fare calculators might not all be the same, they are fairly close to each other and the difference is not significant.

                                                               i.      Changi Airport to NUS is about 30-50 SGD.

                                                             ii.      Kent Ridge MRT to UTown (the symposium venue) is about 5 SGD and wait times for taxis at Kent Ridge in the mornings are not usually long.  Evening rush hour, however, has very long queues


b.      MRT and Public Buses -

                                                               i.      Pay per journey http://www.smrt.com.sg/Journey-with-Us/Fares-Claims#TrainFares  or  - Buses require coins and the driver can assist you with what fare to pay.  For the MRT, the ticket machines can assist you to purchase a reusable ticket (up to 6 uses).  Just add the fare that the machine tells you to pay for your journey.

                                                             ii.      EZ-Link Cards  http://home.ezlink.com.sg/get-your-ez-link-card/where-the-cards-are-sold - You can purchase an EZ-link at an MRT station for 12SGD (5 SGD for the purchase of the card and 7 SGD to use for your first journeys) or at any 7-11 Store for 10SGD (5 SGD for the purchase of the card and 5 SGD to use on your first journeys). Later, add enough value to it to last your stay in Singapore.  Topping up your card can be done at the MRT stations. With an EZ-Link card bus journeys begin at about 80 cents and go up to about 2.50 SGD.  MRT journeys cost about 2-3 SGD per journey.

                                                            iii.      Singapore Tourist Pass and Singapore Tourist Pass Plus http://www.thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg/about-the-passes/  -

If you are planning to move around the city a lot using public buses or the MRT, you may want to consider purchasing a Singapore Tourist Pass Card or Singapore Tourist Pass Plus.  These can be purchased at designated MRT stations including Changi Airport, Harbourfront Terminal, or Woodlands MRT.  The card gives you unlimited travel for 1, 2 or 3 days, depending upon how much you pay.   

The Singapore Tourist Pass prices are as follows:

1.       Unlimited travel for 1 day = 10 SGD,

2.       Unlimited travel for 2 days = 16 SGD or

3.       Unlimited travel for 3 days = 20 SGD 

The Singapore Tourist Pass Plus prices (which include free admission to the Alive museum) are as follows:

1.       Unlimited travel for 1 day = 28 SGD

2.       Unlimited travel for 2 days = 34 SGD

3.       Unlimited travel for 3 days = 38 SGD

(Please Note: this card requires a deposit of 10 SGD which is refunded when you are finished using the card.)


c.       NUS Internal Shuttles

NUS has internal shuttle buses run within and between campuses. These buses are free of charge to everyone.

Between Kent Ridge MRT and UTown - Bus #D2

From the Bukit Timah Campus to the Kent Ridge Campus - Bus #BTC (Note: this bus picks up from the Botanic Gardens and the return trip drops off opposite the Botanic Gardens).


d.      A word about private private hires

                                                               i.      Uber/Grab Taxi - As most people know, Uber is now functioning in many countries of the world.  In addition to Uber, Singaporeans also use Grab Taxi.  In Singapore you can use these applications to summon either a registered taxi or a private driver.  NOTE: We strongly recommend that you use the registered taxi features on these apps as the service provided by registered taxis is highly dependable.

                                                             ii.      Car Rental - While this is an option, it is not one that we recommend as you will incur the additional costs of parking while using a car in Singapore.  If you are traveling by private car from within Singapore or from Malaysia please check the Visitor's Guide when it is published in the website in early May for information about driving and parking within NUS.

How much will food cost me while I am in Singapore?

a.       Restaurants/Fast Food

                                                               i.      At UTown - There are many food options in and around the symposium venue of UTown.  These include 2 food courts with local food (@3-5 SGD) a few western brands of fast food (Subway, Sapore Italiano, Starbucks @ 6-10 SGD) and a few restaurants which serve western and local foods.

                                                             ii.      Nearby Area - If you are traveling to the symposium from outside of NUS there are eateries at Kent Ridge, Buona Vista, and Clementi MRT stations (7-15 SGD).

                                                            iii.      Central - Singapore has a reputation as a food lovers' paradise.   There are many websites which offer opinions and insights on good places to eat throughout the island (25-100 SGD per person).

b.      Supermarkets

                                                               i.      At UTown - There is a small but well stocked supermarket as well as a convenience store.  If you want a piece of fruit or some yogurt, they are easy to come by (1-3 SGD).

                                                             ii.      Nearby - Clementi, Kent Ridge, and Buona Vista all have larger supermarkets to service your needs (3-20 SGD).

Should I plan to stay near NUS or someplace more central to the tourist attractions of Singapore?

This, of course is your choice and depends upon what you plan to do while you are here.  There may be accommodations on campus which make attending the symposium very convenient.  


However, there are also some hotels that are close to NUS.  We recommend that you look at a variety of websites to get the best price.

a.       Fragrance Hotel - Ocean View http://www.fragrancehotel.com/hotel/details/name/fragrance-hotel-oceanview/id/126/n/1/type/online

b.      Santa Grand Hotel West Coast http://www.santagrandhotels.com/westcoast.asp

c.       Pasir Panjang Inn http://www.ppinn.com.sg/

d.      Fraser Place Fusionopolis http://fusionopolis.frasershospitality.com/en

e.      Park Avenue http://www.parkavenuerochester.com/

Other options - If you choose to stay farther away from the university, we recommend that you select a location that has easy access to an MRT as taxis can be quite difficult to get in the morning and evening peak hours.  Be sure to plan for enough travel time as trains can be crowded and you may need to wait for 1-2 trains before you can board.  We recommend that you plan for not less than 1 hour travel time from the city center.

Is there an app or document that I can use to answer my own questions about visiting Singapore for this event?

In early May there will be a Visitor's Guide on the CELC Symposium 2016 Website which can be downloaded and accessed by a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  This Guide will offer information about meeting your transportation and basic survival needs.  It will also contain suggestions for tourist activities for the new and experienced visitor to Singapore.  In the meantime, feel free to search the web for the information you require.

How do I access NUS Wi-Fi on campus?