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University Cultural Centre
  • University Cultural Centre Hall


Equipped with acoustic shelling, the Hall comprises a series of convex surfaces to scatter the acoustic energy and avoid concentrated focal points of sound within the room in order to achieve optimum acoustic performance. It is also equipped with a fly tower consisting of 65 units of manual counter-weight fly sets. It is a modified horse-shoe design with stalls parterre and two circle levels.

The Hall is a venue for orchestra performances, concerts, opera, dance, and musicals. Its space can also be used for multimedia presentation, seminars, and convocation ceremonies.

It is possible to accommodate up to a maximum of 1714 seats including seating at sound cockpit (34 seats) and orchestra pit (69 seats). Reconfiguration charges apply.

Dressing Rooms & Accommodation

  • All seat configurations are inclusive of 10 wheelchair spaces.

  • The floor is completely made of wood, solidly embedded on concrete.

  • Proscenium is 18m (width) by 12m (height).
    Performance area is 16m (width) by 14m (depth).

  • An orchestra of 90 musicians can be housed on the hall stage with its forestage extension.

  • Standard venue equipment list is provided with venue hire. A more comprehensive equipment listing may be provided upon request.

Production Support

We supply a minimum of three qualified operations technicians in the areas of lighting, sound and flying / staging. This can be augmented from our permanent staff or with casual staff.

Loading dock (1 metre height) can accommodate 3 trucks with 1.5m access along the dock. Direct stage loading access through the scenery store with the external door limited to 3 metres in height and 2.4 wide.


  • Dressing rooms of various sizes are available on 3 levels.

  • All levels with common male and female toilets and shower facilities.

  • Hall Green Room.


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