Building Resilience

Tough times never last, but tough graduates do.

Building Resilience

Times like these are what shape us. They challenge us today so that we can build ourselves up and come out stronger.

To support your career and personal growth, the NUS community has come together to share inspirational stories of resilience, insightful career growth articles, as well as web resources on happiness, wellness, and more.

More stories are still being added. Check back later for new videos on well-being and happiness!

Seah En Qi

Jobseekers’ Diaries: I Majored in Real Estate but Followed my Heart into Social Service

By Seah En Qi, (SDE, '20)

In this instalment of Jobseekers’ Diaries by TODAY, fresh graduate Seah En Qi reflects on a difficult decision between starting a career in her field of study — real estate — and pursuing her passion in social service. 

Jobseekers’ Diaries: How I turned my futile job search around Read more at

Jobseekers’ Diaries: How I Turned My Futile Job Search Around

By Darren Cheong Yue Yang, (FOE, '20)

In this instalment of Jobseekers’ Diaries by TODAY, fresh graduate Darren Cheong Yue Yang writes about a slew of rejections in the initial stages of his job hunt and how he eventually achieved breakthroughs in his search for work.

The Power of Peer Support Groups

The Power of Peer Support Groups

By Nicklaus Ong, NUS Business Analytics student

It's an interesting time to return to university. Many of us are wondering what COVID-19 and the current economy means for our future? Personally, I think the key to success lies in creating close-knit support groups with your peers. With this, we can better navigate through this crisis together!

Cultivating Happiness

Cultivating Happiness

By Joshua Goh, NUS Business Analytics student

In the pursuit of personal success, there are many setbacks. I have seen some friends who become so obsessed with pursuing their goals that they become dejected when things don't go according to plan. At the same time, I've seen seniors stay happy in the face of failure and dejection. Why is it that some people are still able to stay happy despite all of the challenges?

Overcoming Insecurities

Overcoming Insecurities

By Marcus Tan, NUS Business student

I teach at a social enterprise, and one day a student said to me, "you're a really bad teacher and just a try-hard". I invested so much time and effort in supporting this student and hearing this left me feeling so inadequate. That was until I processed my thoughts and realised that making people like me wasn't going to solve my issues. I had to solve them on my own! Tune in to learn how to overcome your own insecurities.

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Turning Disruption into Job Opportunities: Where to Begin

Panel discussion with Ms Carman Lau, Mr Lim Tech Yong, Mr Wesley Hui and Ms Genevieve Chia

The COVID-19 pandemic has upset the global economy and brought anxiety to many job seekers. But there are always opportunities, even amid the steepest recessions. We invite you to watch the recording of our panel discussion reflecting on Singapore's job market, and exploring the career and personal growth possibilities available to job seekers today.

Growing from Setbacks

Growing from Setbacks

By Joshua Teo (SDE, '08)

It was 2008. While the Global Financial Crisis was beginning, I failed my direct Master's programme. I was in the middle of it all, and I felt a sense of failure and hopelessness. This was until one of my mentors gave me some wise advice, and that became a turning point for my life.

Bouncing Back After a Job Rejection

Bouncing Back after a Job Rejection

By Grace Ann Chua (FASS, '16)

Having your job application rejected can be emotionally exhausting, especially after pouring so much effort into applying. However, rejection is normal and happens to all of us. And better yet, it's an opportunity for personal growth!

Is COVID-19 a Crisis or an Opportunity for the Class of 2020

Is COVID-19 a Crisis or an Opportunity for the Class of 2020?

Interview with Professor Ho Teck Hua, Senior Deputy President and Provost

Professor Ho Teck Hua, was recently interviewed by the Straits Times' Senior Education Correspondent Sandra Davie on the topic of post-COVID-19 pandemic job market. Listen in as Professor Ho offers his fresh perspective.

Staying Resilient by Staying Mindful

Staying Resilient by Staying Mindful

By Joanne Chua, Clinical Psychologist and Instructor at the Department of Psychology, NUS

Daily life has morphed into a stream of terms like WFH (Work From Home), HBL (Home-Based Learning), SHN (Stay Home Notice), and Zoom. Limited by the social distancing measures that brought them into our lives, how can we continue to flourish?

Re-Calibrating Your Career Mindset Amidst COVID-19

Re-Calibrating Your Career Mindset Amidst COVID-19

By Ryan Ang, Head, School of Computing Career Advisory, Centre for Future-ready Graduates

The current COVID-19 situation has hit the economy hard, hence graduates will be entering into a tough job market. I myself graduated in the eye of the storm during the 1997-99 Asian financial crisis.