Traineeships at NUS

All positions are open until 31 Dec 2020.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident; and
  2. Graduated or graduating in calendar year 2019 or 2020.

The benefits offered include:

  1. Paid trainees will receive a stipend equal to 70% of the salary for an equivalent job.
  2. Ample lifelong education opportunities including a certificate of competency in areas such as data analytics, AI and machine learning, food science, and additive manufacturing.
  3. A personalised development plan created with an experienced mentor.

Traineeships Positions

Teaching Apprentices

Teaching Apprentices

Teaching apprentices assist faculty in teaching-related duties such as developing teaching materials, conducting tutorial classes, and supervising lab work.

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Executive & Professional (E&P) Trainees

Executive & Professional (E&P) Trainees

This traineeship targets graduates who wish to pursue a career in the higher education sector. E&P trainees will learn the various organisation and communication functions within NUS’ administration, schools and faculties. Individuals will be mentored based on their interests.

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Research Doctoral Apprentices

Research / Doctoral Apprentices

Research / doctoral apprentices work with top NUS researchers and scientists on cutting-edge research. Priority will be given to industry-oriented research.

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Enterpreneurship Trainees

Entrepreneurship Trainees

This traineeship targets graduates who wish to be start-up founders. The programme offers training in venture creation and prepares graduates to start their own companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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