Boost your readiness with advanced interview techniques.

All workshops are conducted by specially-selected trainers who are experts in their respective fields – Assessment Centres, Case Interviews, Aptitude Testing, Video Interviewing and International Public Service.

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How to Leverage your Strengths for Internships and Interviews-06-06

How to Leverage Your Strengths for Internships and Interviews

7 February 2020

A research by Gallup has shown that employees that use their strengths are 6x more likely to be engaged at work and 3x more likely to report a higher quality of life. 

Learn how you can also use your strengths to gain an advantage during your and interview and internship for increased employability opportunities through an interactive 3 hour experiential program.


Introduction to Careers in Asset Management

10 February 2020

The workshop aims to provide undergraduates and postgraduates from non-finance majors with an introduction to a career in Asset Management through a lively panel discussion by distinguished speakers from MFS Investment Management.


How to Build Powerful People Skills & Get Hired

How to Build Powerful People Skills & Get Hired

Two-Part Workshop: 19 & 21 February 2020

Why are some people are able to say the right thing at the right time during interviews? Is it a natural gift or is it a skill that can be learned? Join us at our workshop to learn how to make a powerful first impression, and ultimately get hired!



How to Ace that Aptitude Test

21 February 2020

Explore the different types of aptitude tests, discover what recruiters are looking for, and learn best practices to ace them.



How to Succeed in Assessment Centres

24 February 2020

Utilised by global companies & government agencies, Assessment Centres focus on exercises designed to simulate different aspects of the work environment to assess how closely your behaviour match the requirements for the role.


How to Navigate the Interview and Employment Process in China-08

How to Navigate the Interview and Employment Process in China

25 February 2020

Learn how to communicate effectively through learning common and honorific salutations, hierarchy workplace communication, and common business terminologies.


How to crack case interviews

How to Crack Case Interviews

25 & 28 February 2020

Case interviews are fast gaining traction as a recruitment tool across industries. Case interviews present candidates a challenging business to solve to assess their analytical skills in a pressured real-time environment.

25 Feb (PWC)
28 Feb (MC)

How to Navigate Business Culture and Etiquette in China

How to Navigate Business Culture and Etiquette in China

26 February 2020

China has grown into the world's second-largest economy. With increased business opportunities originating from China, it's essential to know how to navigate its business culture.


How to Project Professionalism Through Image & Etiquette-01

How to Project Professionalism Through Image & Etiquette

27 February 2020

Pick up the knowledge and skills to dress and groom professionally, as well as demonstrate appropriate business and workplace etiquette.


How to Excel in Video Interviews (HireVue)

How to Excel in Video Interviews (HireVue)

3 March 2020

Video Interviews are becoming increasingly popular with employers keen to streamline their hiring process. Acquire the skills required to ace video interviews.

Registration coming soon.

Introduction to Financial Modelling

Introduction to Financial Modelling

4 March 2020

Registration coming soon.


Ai for everyone

AI For Everyone (For Postgraduates)

6 March 2020

Do you want to learn and find out more on the latest AI technologies and how these can be applied to your postgraduate education and beyond? AI for Everyone is a 3-hour workshop to introduce anyone to modern AI technologies and applications so that you can be savvy consumers of AI products and services.


Networking with Confidence

Networking with Confidence (For Postgraduates)

20 March 2020

Learn how to improve your networking skills and leave a lasting first impression with employers! Join us for our next Postgraduate Career Preparation workshop: Networking with Confidence.