How to Ace Interview Presentations with Confidence

Small changes in how we speak can make a great impact on how we present ourselves! You can come across as more professional, more confident, and even more employable.

Join us for our practice-based workshop to acquire skills to help you to think on your feet, organise your thoughts, and deliver presentations clearly and with confidence. We will build on your natural communication style, and you will progress to be an influential presenter who can connect with and influence your audience.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Analyse audience signals to guarantee their support
  • Develop clear and concise content that is easily understood
  • Learn quick presentation structures that can be applied to any topic
  • Manage questions and challenges smoothly and confidently
  • Use visual aids appropriately, and even be comfortable without them
  • Learn to manage your physical, mental and emotional statues during stress-filled presentations
Heather Hansen

About Trainer

Heather Hansen

Heather is a Global Communication Specialist, TEDx speaker, and author. She delivers keynote presentations, seminars and workshops, and provides one‐on‐one consulting to help top global professionals communicate clearly and confidently in international business settings. Through highly interactive, research-based and company‐specific programs, Heather translates theories and academic research into real, on‐the‐job action by engaging participants and having fun in the classroom.

Heather is the author of the book, Powerful People Skills and has contributed to three other books. Her 5th book will be Powerful People Skills for the Digital Age

Heather is also the only trainer in Singapore to hold a certification in the Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method. Through her work as a Speech Specialist, she has helped thousands of non-native English speakers enhance their clarity and confidence in speaking English.

How to Ace Interview Presentations with Confidence

Date: 26 August 2019, Monday
Time: 9:30AM - 5:30PM
Venue: CFG Careerspace, Yusof Ishak House Level 3
Cost: $20 (Students receiving financial assistance from NUS Office of Financial Aid are exempted from the fee)
Dress Code: Business attire

[The workshop has closed]