Self Assessment and Aptitude Tests
16 Personalities
Find out more about your personality type, strengths and weaknesses, how you manage your relationships and possible career paths after completing a FREE personality test.
You can read up more about 16 Personalities and the theory behind the tool here.
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O*NET Interest Profiler
A complimentary self-exploration tool to help you identify your interests, how they relate to the world of work and what careers you might want to explore.
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SHL Practice Tests
Take practice tests for pre-interview assessment tests such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, inductive reasoning tests, etc.
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Interview Stream
InterviewStream allows you to conduct practice interviews with pre-recorded questions and webcam recorded answers. Once you have created an account online, you can conduct an interview from any web-accessible computer with a webcam. Your interview answers are saved in your InterviewStream account where you can review them alone or discuss with a Careers Advisor via appointment.
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Test Partnership
This website provides free psyshometric tests such as Numerical Reasoning Tests, Verbal Reasoning Tests, Error Checking Tests, Personality Questionnaires, Situational Judgement Tests, Leadership Tests and Competency Tests.
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Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)
A free assessment comprising 8 different subject areas measuring your aptitude in various aspects of finance and business, as well as career skills relevant to any industry. Outstanding performers will stand a chance to connect with potential employers through the BAT Talent Search database.
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