Degree Scrolls and Transcripts


You will be given your degree scroll with a complimentary copy of your academic transcript at the Commencement ceremony if you have not yet collected them prior to the ceremony. Click here to check if you are eligible to collect your degree scroll prior to the ceremony.

If you have officially/legally changed your name during your course of study, this will affect how your name appears on the various official documents issued by the University, in particular your degree scroll. As such, you should inform the University of the change at your first opportunity. Click here for the details on verification of official name change.

If you are not attending the ceremony, you may collect your degree scroll and complimentary transcript from the Registrar's Office on 19 July 2019 from 2.00pm onwards. Information relating to the collection of degree scroll and complimentary transcript, for example, the official document(s) you are required to bring along with you, collection schedule, opening hours, etc, are available here.

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