GIRO - Break the Barrier

Choose GIRO Payment and Benefit Financially Challenged Students

Break the Barrier

*For every successful GIRO deduction of a minimum of $1,000 in Academic Year 2019/2020, NUS will contribute $10 to support bursaries. The contribution will be channeled to Office of Admissions (the office managing the bursaries) by the end of each Semester.

* Instant approval applies to DBS bank for now. Online GIRO application for OCBC will be available at a later date. You may also apply for GIRO via other banks here.


  1. Interbank GIRO is an arrangement where you authorize the Bank to deduct money from your bank account (or your parent’s/guardian’s bank account if the bank account indicated in your GIRO Application belongs to your parent/guardian) and pay to NUS. This arrangement requires no further action from you once it has been set up. However, you should ensure there are sufficient funds in the bank account at the time of deduction.
  2. If you would like to apply for GIRO online using a DBS bank account and the account does not belong to you, please ensure that the account holder is present during the online application. After clicking ‘APPLY NOW’, log in to EduRec with your userID and password and click “Apply for GIRO (online setup for DBS/POSB account holders)”. You will then be brought to DBS website where the bank account holder needs to log in with his/her internet banking credentials (user ID/password or ATM card/PIN).
  3. Please click GIRO payment and deadlines for more information.