International Relations Office

International Research Attachments (i-RAP)

USA: Summer Research Attachment with Northwestern University

What is this programme about?

Participate in a summer research experience at Northwestern University and spend up to 12 weeks conducting research under the tutelage of established researchers. With multi-disciplinary research opportunities on offer, students will have the wonderful opportunity to broaden their horizons during the NUS mid-year academic break.

When does it take place?

May – August 2013

The recommended duration is for 10 weeks, but should last for a minimum of eight weeks. Students are to negotiate the exact start and end dates with the host faculty at Northwestern when contacting them about placement opportunities.

Where does it take place?

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

Northwestern University is a private institution founded in 1851, and has a proud reputation in innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that transcends traditional academic boundaries. It provides students and faculty exceptional opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth in a setting enhanced by the richness of Chicago.

What is the academic/intern content?

Students will participate in a full-time undergraduate research experience under the tutelage of faculty at Northwestern University.  Research opportunities are open to students from all disciplines.

Academic credit MAY be available. Students interested in obtaining credit must work with their faculty for credit mapping. IRO does not apply for credit transfer on the students’ behalf.

What is the student accommodation?

On-Campus Residence Hall at Northwestern University.

How much does it cost?

Please see below for an estimate of the relevant costs.

Cost (for 10 weeks)
Accommodation (10 weeks)
Approx. SGD 3,000
Approx. SGD 2,100
Materials and Supplies
Approx. SGD 1,200
Airfare (to O’Hare International Airport)
Approx. SGD 2,300
Airport Transfer (Pre-arranged shared private pick-up service)
Approx. SGD 50 (two-way)
Health Insurance
Approx. SGD 315
USD 320 (Approx. SGD 400)
Miscellaneous Expenditure (e.g. entertainment, etc.)
Approx. SGD 1,200
Total Cost (accommodation, food, airfare, visa)
Approx. SGD 10,565


Please note, these are estimated expenses and actual expenses may differ based on price shifts and personal spending habits!

Is financial assistance available?

Students selected for the programme are eligible to apply for:

(a) NASA Enhancement Bursary and/or Scholarship concurrently using the programme application form (please see "How do I apply?" below).
(b) Overseas Student Programme Loan

Number of placements available?

Up to 5 placements.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Students from any faculty who have completed at least one year of study at NUS prior to participating in this programme.
  • Students should not be in their graduating semester prior to participating in this programme.
  • CAP of 3.0 and above.
  • Prior research experience in a relevant field will be advantageous.


Is a visa required?

Yes. Northwestern University will assist in providing documentation needed to apply for a visa.

Students are to consult the Embassy of the United States in Singapore to determine the visa application procedures required for their participation in the programme.

U. S. Embassy, Singapore
27 Napier Road
Singapore 258508

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have proper entry documents for all countries they plan to visit as part of this programme!

How do I apply?

Application deadline is Monday, 25 February 2013. Students who are securing their own invitation from a Northwestern faculty member can submit your application to IRO after the regular deadline, but before Friday, 15 March 2013.

Students are encouraged to initiate contact with a faculty member at Northwestern University to obtain an invitation to conduct a summer research. Information about faculty and research centers at Northwestern University is available at:

Students who need assistance in finding a mentor and project should prepare a personal statement of research interest, indicating up to three options of Northwestern faculty with whom they are interested in working with.

Application Procedure and Required Documents

  • Latest unofficial NUS transcript
  • CV/Resume
  • A research statement highlighting your motivation to work with the Northwestern faculty who has accepted you, OR
  • A personal statement of research interest indicating up to three options of Northwestern faculty with whom you are interested in working with
  • A letter of reference/recommendation (preferably from a faculty member at NUS)


Who to contact for more information?

For additional information or related queries, please click here.