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University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada



Institution Profile

The University of Victoria, one of Canada's leading universities, provides both students and faculty with a unique learning environment. UVic has earned a reputation for commitment to research, scholarship and co-op education. The university is widely recognized for its innovative and responsive programs, interdisciplinary and international initiatives, and a diverse and welcoming learning community.

UVic offers outstanding social, cultural, artistic, environmental and athletic opportunities, including a full schedule of concerts, plays, exhibitions, films, lectures and athletics events.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: Early September to Late December
Semester 2: Early January to Late April

Medium of Instruction for Classes


  • Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
  • Division of Continuing Studies
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Human and Social Development
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
SEP Application
Restrictions for Exchange Students

Students can register in courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Science and Humanities at UVic. Students can also register in History in Art courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts at UVic. There is a small selection of Business courses that are open to exchange students (see for details).

Students are to note that there may be prerequisites for select courses.  Please check for course prerequisites before applying. Courses are subjected to demand and availability.

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NUS Application Deadline

Please check with your SEP Administrator in the Dean’s Office for actual dates.

Housing Options

On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed for incoming exchange students.

On campus:

UVic Housing Services offers two types of accommodation for exchange students: Residence Housing and Cluster Housing. For information about both of these housing options, as well as dates, deadlines and online application forms, please visit the Housing Services website


Home placement for international students is available through the UVic English Language Centre. If you are interested in living with a Canadian family, check out the Homestay Program webpage. In order to qualify for this program, your first language must not be English.

Another option is to find your own rental accommodation. It is very difficult to secure a rental accommodation from out of town, so plan to arrive in Victoria at least two or three weeks before the start of term to allow time for the search. Standards of accommodation vary, so you should personally view an accommodation before agreeing to rent.

Visa & Insurance
Consular/Visa Regulations

If you intend to study at UVic for one term (4 months) you do not require a Study Permit. If you intend to study at UVic for two terms (8 months) you will require a Study Permit. Detailed instructions and application kits are available on the Study in Canada webpage.

Health/Medical Insurance

All UVic students are required to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their studies. Basic health insurance covers most physician and hospital services. Extended health insurance covers some portion of vision and dental care, generic prescription drugs, and paramedical services from a specialist such as a massage therapist, a naturopath, a podiatrist or a psychologist. Having both basic and extended health insurance provides you with comprehensive health care coverage and ensures that ill health will not cause you undue economic hardship or compromise your academic progress.

If you will stay in the province of British Columbia (BC) for more than six months of the year, it is mandatory that you enroll in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). You must apply within the first 10 days of your arrival in BC.

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Cost of Living
Estimated Monthly Living Expenses
Breakdown of Costs
C$925 – C$1,350
Others (Entertainment, clothes)
Monthly Estimate
C$1,900 – C$2,325

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Additional Information
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Module Mapping, Course Selections & Application

Please check with your SEP Administrator/Coordinator in the Dean's Office.