Benefactor Campus Experience 2019: From Identity to Innovation

NUS-BCE 2019(Day2)-123 From Identity to Innovation.

The Benefactor Campus Experience, from 24 to 25 August 2019, was a series of specially curated experiences for the benefactors of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The two-day event, which took guests through masterclasses conducted by NUS Professors, campus tours, and even various hands-on workshops, allowed them be immersed in different parts of university advancements and achievements.

They could also have a deeper appreciation of how their contributions impacted the University’s journey from the humble beginnings of being the first educational institution in Singapore to the world’s leading university it is today.

Invited to share insights on China’s history and its rise over the years, internationally-renowned historian Professor Wang Gungwu, Chairman of the East Asian Institute at NUS, regaled the audience with a riveting account of China’s long history of war and development, from dynasties to Sun Yat-sen to Mao Zedong.

A reflective mood permeated the classroom of ‘students’ imbibing the flow of knowledge from one of the world’s foremost experts on the country.

In another classroom, the Dean of the NUS School of Design and Environment (SDE) discussed a future where human-centric building features are environmentally sustainable, starting with the first Net-Zero Energy Building - SDE4 on the Kent Ridge campus.

Other class topics included String Theory, The Celebrity Halo Effect and Resilience and the Human Condition. NUS-BCE 2019(Day1)-381

After classes, a Sake Appreciation Workshop allowed guests to not only learn the process of making and selecting sake, but also enjoy tasting the different types of sake.

More sensory experiences welcomed them the next day, from creating ‘gyotaku’ prints with real animal specimens on a tote bag, to charcoal sketching. Donors could also witness how the advances of science and engineering impacted many areas in society today such as healthcare, food security, biodiversity, sustainability and enterprise.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the SDE4 Net-Zero Energy Building with its smart building automation system. The charcoal sketching workshop at the Yale-NUS College was very fun and interesting as well,” Mr Tan Keok Boon and Mrs Tan Cheng Hwee Wah, guests at the event, shared.NUS-BCE 2019(Day2)-330

Events such as these are just the University’s way of saying thank you to our benefactors who believed in the cause of education and supported us generously. The impact will last for generations to come.