Sporting A Giving Mentality

NUS Sports Scholarship Jasmine GohSports teaches us life lessons. Just ask Jasmine Goh (’19).

The national handball player is thankful to gain key skills in teamwork and communication, and traits such as grit and resilience from playing handball. Not only did these attributes help her greatly at her workplace, they have also moulded her into who she is today – a successful professional who volunteers as a coach.

While studying at NUS, she received the NUS Sports Scholarship is awarded to outstanding athletes. An accomplished sportswoman, Ms Goh captained the first Singapore Under-19 handball women’s team. She was also awarded the Athlete of the Year (Distinction) Award at the 2019 NUS Student Life Awards.

Juggling a hectic training schedule, Ms Goh diligently applied herself and managed to excel in her studies as well. She graduated with first-class honours in Communications and New Media in 2019 and snagged a coveted job at global home-sharing platform, Airbnb.

Jasmine Goh

Ms Goh credits the Scholarship for letting her concentrate on her studies and playing handball. She stated, “By relieving my family of the burden of paying the school fees, I was able to focus my energy and time on my sporting pursuits without having to worry about accumulating debt or working part-time.”

Today, Ms Goh coaches her varsity juniors, as well as kids and youths from underprivileged communities during her free time. This is her way of paying it forward.

“Giving can come in many ways – it does not always have to be monetary; it can be in the form of passing on the gift of knowledge, love and time,” said Jasmine.

“Just being able to share the joy of handball with these young kids has been a humbling experience. I hope that I leave a positive impact on their lives, just as they have made the coaching experience fulfilling for me.”