Seeing Through the Dragon's Eyes

@MideaMaterials Science and Engineering student, Patricia Lim Yi Xin, felt it was an opportunity she could not miss when she first learned about the study trip, Engaging the Rising Tech-China.

“China’s technological development has been the talk of the town and I want to witness that for myself,” Patricia explained.

As one of the 20 NUS Engineering students who were selected for the week-long trip, Patricia was given the opportunity to network and participate in an immersive educational and cultural experience. The study trip was made possible through the generous gift from Engineering alumnus, Mr Hoong Yik Luen (’90), who wanted students to experience and learn best business practices from some of China’s technology giants, such as Midea, Huawei and Hikvision.

“Our trip to Huawei opened my eyes. Not only does Huawei provide technological devices, they also devote a great amount of resources to the development of information and communication technology solutions for various industries across China,” Patricia shared.

Throughout the trip, the team interacted with the technology companies’ stakeholders and researchers who shared key management strategies employed by Chinese companies, many of which were adapted from traditional business practices.

@West Lake in HangZhou“The Chinese are very open and receptive to new ideas, and it was this willingness to learn from other countries that played a large part in nurturing their inquisitive minds and in enabling them to innovate their own products,” elaborated Patricia.

One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Hema Supermarket by Alibaba where technology has been integrated into management and operational processes. Through the integration of data and smart logistics technology, traditional retail has been transformed with both online and offline shopping, offering customers an efficient and flexible retail experience. 

“It’s a bonus to go out and explore what other countries have to offer and exchange ideas with them. These opportunities may not be easy to come by and I believe that we should take the initiative to explore and expand our horizons,” concluded Patricia.