Application Forms & Procedures

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Application for admission in Academic Year 2020-2021 will commence from 15 October 2019.

Please note that current undergraduates of the Local Universities1 may apply in the October exercise and the February exercise for a change of course.

Do not use this application form if you are

  • presenting solely the following qualifications:
    • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level
    • Accredited Diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma
    • NUS High School Diploma 
  • an international applicant with international qualifications

Application Forms

Group Type of Applicants Type III                     
Type IV            


Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents holding only International High School Qualifications


From 15 October 2019



  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents who are:
    • Current Undergraduates in a Foreign University
    • Former Undergraduates in a Foreign University
    • Bachelor’s Degree holder from a Foreign University

  • Non-Singapore Citizens or Non-Singapore Permanent Residents who have taken the following High School Qualifications and are/were not enrolled in Local University1:
    • Singapore-Cambridge A Levels
    • Polytechnic Diploma from a Polytechnic in Singapore
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma
    • NUS High School Diploma

  • Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or International Students who are:
    • Former Undergraduates in a Local University1
    • Bachelor’s Degree holder from a Local University1


From 1 February 2020


  • Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or International Students who are:
    • Current Undergraduates in a Local University1


15 October 2019
1 February 2020


1Local University refers to the following Universities:

    • National University of Singapore(NUS)
    • Yale-NUS College (Yale NUS)
    • Nanyang Technological University(NTU)
    • Singapore Management University(SMU)
    • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
    • Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
    • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Applicants under group 2 and 3 should apply under Transfer Applicants (Type IV) at here

Submitting a complete application

complete application consists of the following:

a) Application form

Submit only one application form. Duplicate applications will not be considered.

This application form must be submitted online. Forms which are downloaded and printed from our website will not be accepted. An acknowledgement screen showing your application number will be displayed if your online application has been successfully submitted. You should print a copy of the acknowledgement screen for future reference.

b) Electronic submission of Application Checklist AND supporting documents

Print and complete the Application Checklist, and submit it electronically with a clear set of supporting documents to the Office of Admissions at the Online Application Status Facility (OASF):

  • National level High school examination results slip (if applicable)
  • School examination results slip e.g. Year 11 High School transcripts/ SPM/ IGSCE/ Indian Standard 10
  • Mother Tongue Language result slip
  • Additional results slip (if scores are indicated in application form) e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and SAT Subject Test scores, AP, ACT etc.
  • NRIC (front & back) or Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Medical report(s) if you have or had any major illnesses or disabilities (if applicable)
  • Criminal record(s) (if applicable)
  • Re-entry permit if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident

Arrange the supporting documents in order with the Application Checklist as the first cover page and submit the Application Checklist and supporting documents electronically through the Online Application Status Facility (OASF). Full name and Application number must be indicated on the top right hand corner on all documents.

Passport-sized photograph, extra-curricular activities records and recommendation letters are not required. All non-English supporting documents must be accompanied by an English translation, except for applicants submitting the Indonesian Ujian Nasional (UN / Ebtanas or STPM result slips. Indonesian and Vietnamese applicants are required to translate Prizes/Awards documents before submission of documents.

All applicants are encouraged not to submit original certificates and documents. The Office of Admissions will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of original certificates or documents submitted. All documents submitted will not be returned.

You may check if your supporting documents have been received by the University through the Online Application Status Facility (OASF) 5-7 working days after your online submission.

National Service (NS) in Singapore 

Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents who are or will be serving or had served NS in Singapore should indicate their full-time national service status on the online application form accordingly. If you are waiting to be enlisted for NS, please do not choose your NS status as “NOT APPLICABLE” in the online form. Please choose your NS status as “Registered/Waiting to be enlisted” instead.
Those who have registered but have not enlisted or have not yet been notified to enlist need not provide the date of enlistment and/or ORD in the application form. However should you have registered at any point in time, you should inform Office of Admissions immediately.

You are required to indicate your Enlistment Date & ORD if you have chosen the following NS status:


You are required to indicate your Enlistment Date if you have chosen the following NS status:


If you are exempted from NS, please choose ‘EXEMPTED’ and you are required to send the necessary documents (endorsed by MINDEF) to Office of Admissions for our processing.