Overseas Student Exchange Programme (SEP) Loan


Maximum of $3,000 per semester depending on the monthly per capita income of applicant’s family

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate students who are selected to embark on SEP at an overseas Partner University for 1 or 2 semesters or on Summer Programme may apply.

Note: Recipients of the Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship are NOT eligible to apply for this loan. Undergraduates who are reading the Concurrent Degree Programmes are not eligible for the loan once they are charged graduate tuition fee.


The loans are interest free. The maximum repayment period is 3 years for loans up to $3,000 and 4 years for loans above $3,000. Repayment can be in one lump sum or in fixed equal monthly instalment commencing not later than 3 months after graduation.


A guarantor is required. He or she must be a working Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, between 21 and 60 years old and is neither a bankrupt nor a party to another agreement.


There is a 2-step process to apply for the SEP Loan.

  1. Apply for Financial Aid* here for the academic year of the SEP/Summer Programme at least 3 months before the programme’s departure date from Singapore.
  2. Download the SEP Loan application form**here and submit via AskAdmissions at least 2 months before the programme’s departure date from Singapore.


*Undergraduate students who have already applied for Financial Aid for the relevant academic year do not need to apply again. Financial Aid application is open from 1 February to 1 April each academic year. If students missed the application deadline, they can still apply by stating the reason(s) for the late application. 

**Undergraduate students should not staple the SEP Loan application form and supporting documents together with Financial Aid Application supporting documents if they are submitting both at the same time.

* Monthly household per capitaincome refers to the total gross monthly income of all those living in the household divided by the number of people in the household.