Sustainabilty - Recycling

Waste management responsibility starts at source with the decisions to purchase what is require and the amount needed. Waste reduction, re-use and recycle are critically important.

To see a list of recyclable items, kindly refer to Office of Environmental Sustainability website.

Paper, Metal & Plastic bins
At Office of Facilities Management, we collect recyclables from our recycling points in various part of campus. The type of recyclables we collects are as follow:

*Note that all recyclables to be empty and free from food contaminants.

Recycling Process

Recyclables are collected from various recycling bins and transfer to the nearest bulk bins. Our appointed contractor will deliver them to their Material Recovery Facility (MRF), which each type of recyclables are compacted into blocks and export to overseas Recycling Plants.

For more information about the recycling process in Singapore, kindly refer to:

Institution Waste
Large quantity of papers such as confidential papers, flyers, brochures or notes can be recyclable directly via OFM.

For confidential papers, refer to the flow chart:

Kindly note that the minimum quantity is approximate 8 A4 boxes of papers. To request for collection, kindly contact OFM Helpdesk.

Paper recycling within offices

Papers recycling boxes are available for the recycling of internal non-confidential papers. House keeping team are required to clear the recycling boxes.

Please contact OFM Helpdesk at 6516 1515 or, to request for the paper recycle box