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Residential Colleges

Residential Colleges: Where living and learning are intertwined

The first of their kind in Singapore’s higher education landscape, the residential colleges in NUS aim to provide undergraduate students with a new kind of educational experience where you can join an exciting academic programme while living alongside your professors and peers.

Strategically combining on-campus living with a multidisciplinary curriculum, the residential colleges offer academic programmes that blend classroom learning with co-academic activities for a unique and holistic learning experience. Rounding up the Residential College experience is an abundance of social and sporting activities that allow you to explore your interests and discover new ones.

You are required to apply for the respective academic programme first, before applying for a room in the college. The three programmes are the Ridge View Residential College Programme (RVRCP) and University Town College Programme (UTCP), known collective as the Residential College Programmes, and the University Scholars Programme (USP).

University Town College Programme

2017 Alice & Peter Tan-1
College of Alice and Peter Tan

2017 Residential College 4-6
Residential College 4

2017 Cinnamon-Tembusu-4
Cinnamon - Tembusu College

The University Town College Programme (UTCP) is a two-year residential programme offered at College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College. Designed as a coherent delivery of general education, the UTCP emphasises multidisciplinary and active small-group learning. Students from different disciplines, cultures and nationalities are put together in each class, which helps them to assimilate and synthesise cross-disciplinary knowledge, facilitating multi-perspectival thinking.

The residential living-learning experience provided by the UTCP will help students develop critical thinking skills, an appreciation of the complex and inter-related challenges confronting the world today, effective communication, and personal and social responsibility. A host of informal learning activities, such as teas with distinguished visitors, reading pods, and student-led interest groups, complements the formal curriculum. 
Ridge View Residential College Programme

2017 Ridge View-2
Ridge View Residential College

The Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) programme is a two-year residential experience with an integrated inter-disciplinary approach in sustainability, workplace readiness and communication. Its holistic design prepares students for life in university, and at the workplace in the future.

Besides working with dedicated faculty members on the formal curriculum, students have ample opportunities for close engagement with industry. At the heart of it all, RVRC believes in developing a value-centric community through experiential learning. The RVRC student is empowered to explore widely, engage with diverse audiences and challenge the odds so as to ensure continual growth and development.

These key thrusts are supported by first-year core academic modules, participation in community service and environmental stewardship, industry-related visits and dialogues with practitioners. In the second year, RVRC’s unique programme structure allows for students to customise their own experiential learning experiences through a diverse array of forums. 
University Scholars Programme

2017 Cinnamon-Tembusu-1
Cinnamon College

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is an undergraduate academic programme that admits around 200 students each year. Established in 2001, it included a residential college component (Cinnamon College) when it moved to UTown in 2011. 

It provides students with an innovative curriculum, diverse global opportunities and a transformative learning environment. The rigorous interdisciplinary USP curriculum will allow you to develop core academic and professional skills that complement the strengths in your majors, and to see and make connections across disciplines. You will also engage meaningfully with real world matters through international and local study trips, conferences, community programmes and projects. Within UTown, USP is a close-knit and diverse intellectual community, where students are encouraged to be curious, critical, courageous and engaged.