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Eusoff's 60th Anniversary

We would like to express our appreciation to all donors for their generous contributions, and who made our 60th Anniversary fundraising drive such an overwhelming success.

Thank you for your support for Eusoff.


Donation Summary

Amount raised by Hall Amount of grant received
from ToteBoard
Eusoff’s 60th Anniversary Charity Golf $200,161.60 $40,032.32
Eusoff’s 60th Anniversary Charity Gala Dinner $278,017.46 $100,000.00
Contribution from NUSS $50,000.00 -
TOTAL $528,179.06 $140,032.32

Total Donations (inclusive of Toteboard grants) = $907,300.91


$25,000 and above


Mdm Low Yae Foong

Mrs Tan Suan Imm

Ms Saw Phaik Hwa

A/Prof Tan Tin Wee

Eusoff Hall Dance Production 2018


$10,000 and above


Mr Gregory Vijayendran


Ms Sean Kuan-Thye

Mr Quek Chin Thean



$5,000 and above

Ms Lim Bee Lum

Mr Colin Ong

Ms Evonne Tan

Mr Francis Xavier

Mrs Elsie Foh

Prof Andrew Tay

Eusoff Fiesta 2018

Eusoff Publication Pages



$1,000 and above

Ms Yip Woon Chin

Mr Yeo Keng Joon

Mr Nicholas Song

A/Prof Goh Beng Lan

Dr Lee Chian Chau

Ms Adeline Mow Ming Lee

Eusoff Class of 1992

Ms Grace Koh Yun Lin

Mr Ronald Tan

Ms Low Yae Foong

Prof Kirpal Singh

A/Prof Tan Tin Wee

Lee Foundation

A/Prof Ho Chee Kong

A/Prof Qiu Anqi

Dr Muhammad Arafat

A/Prof Titima Suthiwan

Ms Chan Mo Lin

Dr Ann Chan Siew Moon

Mr Lim Kay Teck

Mr Lou Kum Hoong

Mr Choo Boon Ping

Ms Ong Poh Suan




Mr Eddie Lee Choy Peng

Mr Johnny Tan Khoon Hui

Ms Chua Pek Kim

Ms Loo Wen Hao

Ms Koh Lai Eng

Ms Lee Poh Ling

Ms Cheryl Chong Mun Hee

Bee Khuan

Ms Jaya Lalidha

Dr Chia Siow Yue

Ms Chew Swee Hoon

Mr Lim Derrick

Ms Lesley Goonting

Mrs Joanna Wong

Ms Lim Kiim Lan

Mr Poh Chee Chen

Ms Lim Xiuying, Joanna

Ms Seah Roh Ting

Mr Thorbjornsen Kristian Weng Keong

Ms Lo Kum Wone

Ms Huo Yasi

Ms Quek Xue Wei

Ms Lim Terh Ling

Ms Chen Lee Foon

Mr Lim Boon Hwa

Ms Lim Poh Kim Evelyn

Prof Liew Ah Choy

Ms Jill Quah

Ms Seet Ngoh

Mrs Anna Ooi

Mrs Ho Gien Tou

Dr He Ruimin





$25,000 and above


Quantedge Foundation

Global Investments Private Limited


$1,000 and above

Daikin Air-Conditioning (S) Pte Ltd

Mr Jimmy Tay Chor Meng
of Poh Meng Engineering Pte Ltd

Mr Keith Yong Boon Meng
of Yong Tai Loong Pte Ltd

Mr Mike Seah Wei Kok of Seah Construction

Mr Li Hongda of Zhengda Corporation

Mr Pang Hoe Sang of Hexacon Construction

Mr Yeo Keng Joon

Mr Danani Sanjay Mohan

Mr Teo Heng Thye
of D.I.S Airconditioning & Electrical Pte Ltd

Mr Chris Chia
of Chris-Ray Engineering Pte Ltd

Mr Poh Wei Han
of Insiro Pte Ltd

Mr Sujono

Mr James Lee of Kuan Aik Hong Construction Pte Ltd

Mr Chin Teck Chuan of 828 Investment Pte Ltd

Mr Harry Lin of Lim Wen Heng Construction

ROXY Pacific Holdings

Mr Berlin Lee

Mr Bryan Koh of Shin Khai Construction

Mr Leong Cheng wee of Leong CW & Associates

Natural Cool Pte Ltd

Mr Godfrey Poh of Nam Leong Company Pte Ltd

Mr Derric Yeo of Henry Gas Pte Ltd

Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd

Mr Robing CC Ng PBM

Ms Chua Wan Hoon

Cornerstone Wines

Ms Esther Tan

Dr Jong Hee Sen

Mr Yeo Keng Joon

Mr Jonny Tan

Mr Seah Cheng San





Mr Simon Er

Mr Rodney Ee