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In the Beginning

Eusoff Hall, founded in 1988, has its beginning in Eusoff College, the first female residential hall of the University of Malaya in Singapore, at Bukit Timah campus. In November 1958, Eusoff College was officially declared open by Mrs Maude Scott, one of the earliest woman graduates of Raffles College. The very first principal was Dr Ruth Wong while the first President of the JCRC was Ms Ng Kim Lan.

During the decade of the 80s, a number of changes swept through Eusoff College. A 26-year-old tradition was broken when Eusoff went co-educational in 1984. In June 1988, Eusoff Hall at Kent Ridge campus began its operations and was officially opened by the then President Wee Kim Wee on 5 August 1989. It inherited the legacy of the life at Eusoff College, as many of the Eusoff College residents moved to the new Eusoff Hall. Despite the change of name, residents who moved from Eusoff College to Eusoff Hall were determined to carry on with the best traditions of the former.

Eusoff College continued to operate as a postgraduate students' hostel at Evans Road until 2001. After Dr Lim Kit Boey stood down as principal, Professor Lee Kok Onn took over as principal until its closing on the evening of 24 March 2001.