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Principals (Eusoff College) & Masters (Eusoff Hall)

Below are the list of those who served or are serving as Principals of Eusoff College and Masters of Eusoff Hall, leaving behind certain traditions and legacy in their own ways. Their dedication, commitment, and contributions to Eusoff embody the values and ideals of a true Eusoffian. They were responsible for many aspects in the College and Hall, not only administrative and day-to-day matters, but also residents' welfare and many other aspects pertaining to residential life. Indeed, they have directly or indirectly helped to shape and nurture some of the best Eusoffians that we know today. The Eusoff experience would have been vastly different without these individuals:

Principals of Eusoff College

1958-1959 Professor Ruth Wong
1959-1967 Professor Jean Robertson
1967-1972 Dr Nalla Tan
1972-1978 Dr Eileen Aw
1979-1996 Dr Lim Kit Boey
1997-2001 Professor Lee Kok Onn

Masters of Eusoff Hall

1988-2003 Professor Andrew Tay
2003-2013 Associate Professor Tan Tin Wee
2014-2018 Associate Professor Goh Beng Lan
2019- Associate Professor Qiu Anqi