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Eusoff Alumni Mentorship Programme (EAMP)

Established in 2016, EAMP is a voluntary, selective programme that connects Eusoff Hall residents with Eusoff alumni who are keen to stay connected and engaged by contributing their time and resources to the development of the next generation of leaders.

EAMP encourages network building while exploring opportunities that mutually benefits both mentors and mentees. Alumni mentors share with senior resident or recently-graduated Eusoffians their valuable experiences in career direction, guidance for job applications, work skills and insights into industries or careers, and provide mentees with tips to navigate their steps into prospective careers and establish an early start in the working world.

to our 2017/2018 mentors

 Chen Zhenchang  Kelvin Koh  Ng Tarng Jiun
 Cheng Sue-Min Alison  Kelvin Lim Chia Siong  Park Sang Jin
 Colin Ong  Lew Teck Kiong Melvin  Sim Jit-Vern
 Danilo E Imson  Lim Kay Teck  Song Yangyu
 Ferninda Patrycia  Lim Teck Ch'ang  Tan Su Ping Lynette
 Goh Zheng Ee  Lin Zhiyuan  Teo Jia Kai
 Huang Xianming  Lou Kum Hoong  Wei Yangsheng Vincent
 Huo Yasi  Mak Koon-Yuan Aaron  Wong Jing Song
 Ian Chang  Nathalie Rachel Fernandez  Yeap Mei Yi
 Jiow Hee Jhee  Neeti Shiva Iyer