Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living far from home. You should arrange for temporary or short-term accommodation before you leave your home country if you have not secured the accommodation for the duration of your course.

Hostel Admission Services (HAS) has prepared the following guidebook and a list of contacts and resource references to help facilitate your arrangement of alternative accommodation.

For tips to search for private accommodation, please click here

If you are an NUS student and need short-term stay between May to July, you may contact the hostel management office to check on the availability.


The information and external contacts provided is compiled in good faith, and is intended as a guide only. HAS does not endorse, guarantee, warrant or recommend the accuracy of the information or necessarily subscribe to any such opinions or recommendations. HAS does not profit in any way or sponsor any of the contacts listed. They are provided as a convenience to you.

Short-Term Private Accommodations

There is a wide choice of private companies that offers short-term accommodation of a few days to 6 months in private hostel or hotels. This is usually for interim or provisional arrangements.

Short-term private hostel rentals and low cost hotel apartments offer an affordable alternative to staying in a luxury hotel. A stay of one month or more costs about half the price of an average hotel in the same area.

We have compiled the links below for your easy reference.

Listing of Private Youth Hostels            


Hotels close to NUS

Pasir Panjang Hotel

Fragrance Hotel Waterfront

Fragrance Hotel Ocean View

Santa Grand Hotel West Coast

Please contact the provider directly to check availability, pricing, terms & conditions and for booking.

Long-Term Private Accommodations

A number of private companies or home owners provide accommodation to students. The lease term and facilities provided varies from one provider to another.

Students are advised to understand the terms and conditions of the lease agreement before signing any agreement or placing a deposit.

A number of estate agencies and portal companies also provide services to find accommodation. They normally charge a fee for their services. Do understand what are their charges and their services that they provide before engaging their services.

Private Student Hostels




NUS Guest Rooms / Group Booking


Accommodation for Guests

NUS provides guest accommodation for visiting academics, consultants, external examiners on official business at the invitation of NUS Deans, Directors or Heads of Departments as well as short-term University visitors (e.g. NUS Clinical attachments, NUS internship, NUS language courses, etc). For reservations, please click here


Accommodation for Group booking

Organiser of conferences, seminars, meetings or student camps who may want to stay on campus during our vacation period can approach our Halls/Residences Staff. For reservations, please click here