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S2B 19/20


Star2Burst (S2B) is an annual event held after the Inter-Block Games to present prizes to the winning teams as well as MVP awards for each sport. However, the main event has got to be the various culture performances put up by the freshmen! S2B is an opportunity for freshmen to try out the different culture groups that KR has to offer. Held on the 4th of September, residents were treated to some wonderful performances by KRemix, Dance, Acapella, Choir, Inspire and Rockers!

The event started out with KRemix, KR's very own DJ culture group. Having already produced many DJs who have performed at external gigs, KRemix has become an official culture group this year and it is without a doubt that many freshmen took this opportunity to learn a thing or two about DJing! Up next was KR Dance, and they again put up a spectacular performance. From the expressive and controlled comtemporary performance to the explosive, street dance inspired hip-hop performance, residents were again blown away by the remarkable performance put up by our own freshmen.