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Application Process

Application for student housing is administered by the NUS Office of Student Affairs.


  • Only full-time students registered with the National University of Singapore (NUS) are eligible.
  • Students who are no longer of full-time status (e.g. on Leave of Absence, withdrew or graduated) and on overseas Student Exchnage Programme (SEP) are not eligible to stay in NUS student accommodation and will be given 7 days’ notice to vacate their rooms except under exceptional circumstances.
  • International students (non-Singaporean/Singapore PR) are required to have the appropriate and valid passes as issued by the Immigration & Custom Authority (ICA) or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) during the course of their stay in an NUS accommodation.
  • International students are assured accommodation in their first two years of their studies in NUS subject to the submission of an accommodation application. However, please also note that this assurance is only valid for semester 1 applications submitted within the stipulated exercise periods.
  • Students are required to be insured under the NUS student insurance scheme or its equivalent throughout their stay in an NUS accommodation.

For Freshmen

New students who wish to apply for a place in RH during Freshman Accommodation Exercise will be selected based on their pre-University Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and availability.

For Current Residents

Current Rafflesians who wish to return in the subsequent academic year will be allocated based on the prevailing RAS (Residence Admission Scheme) admission criteria, through either hall points or the Master's List.

Hall Points

An internal hall points system is used to assses the contribution of each residents to hall vibrancy.

Master's List

Undergraduates able to contribute to the vibrancy of the hall may be offered a place in the hall under this scheme.

For Non-RH Seniors

Non-RH senior undergraduates may apply through the Master's List.