With the closure of Techno Edge canteen for renovation scheduled for 8 December 2018, the University Management has recommended the setting up of temporary stalls within and around the vicinity of Engineering and SDE departments. One of the temporary venues is Raffles Hall Communal Hall which will cater take-away food during lunch time. 

After consultation with JCRC and Master, OHS/OCA arranged for a town hall on Thursday, 8 November 7:30pm, to share and discuss with residents on the takeaway stallsin Raffles Hall Communal Hall. 

After discussion with the residents, the decision was to implement the lunch service in RH exclusively for RH residents for the first two weeks or so. Should the crowd at the other kiosks be overwhelming, OCA may have to open RH Communal Hall to the NUS community as a lunch venue. 


Q: What happens when Techno Edge canteen in closed for renovation?

A: Multiple food kiosks will be set-up to make up for the closure of the Techno Edge canteen. There will be kiosks at E2A, E4, tentage at E5 (near LT3/4), stalls at SDE, a food truck at NUSIT car park, and 3 stalls at Raffles Hall Comm Hall. The 14 stalls are equivalent to the number of stalls currently being operated at Techno Edge .


Q: Why is Raffles Hall selected as a lunch takeaway location?

A: Raffles Hall offers a location that is not too far from Techno Edge and the Communal Hall is already a suitable venue with all necessary tables and chairs in place.


Q: What stalls or what kinds of food will be available at RH Comm Hall?

A: There will be 3 takeaway stalls from the Frontier canteen offering takeaway food. They are Chinese Mixed Rice, Thai food, and Korean food.


Q: What time of the day will the lunch service be available?

A: Lunch will be available from 11.30am to 2.30pm at the Comm Hall on weekdays. There will be no lunch service over the weekend. 


Q: What measures will there be to keep the place clean?

A: Additional cleaners will be deployed to ensure that the Communal Hall and toilets are kept clean.


Q: What measures will there be to keep the place safe and secure?

A: CCTVs will be installed at the dining area and Upper Lounge and signages placed at prominent positions to discourage the lunch crowd from trespassing into otherparts of the Hall.


Q: Will there be lunch offered during vacation periods and public holidays?

A: No. Lunch service will only be available during the semester. Lunch service at RH Comm Hall will end at the start of the Reading Week and will not be available till the next semester.


Q: How long will the Techno Edge canteen renovation take?

A: It will take about 2 calendar years. 


Q: Will there be priority given to RH residents if the Comm Hall is also opened to the community?

A: There will be no priority when queuing for food. Plans can be made to designated/allocated seats specifically for RH residents only.


Q: Due to Raffles Hall location, we may see crowds such as YIH crowd coming to RH to eat. How will this be handled?

A: Lunch time diners may come from anywhere in the first 2 weeks. If the diners are not RH residents, they can be asked politely to leave. OHS will step in to ensure an agreeable resolution should non-resident diners refuse to leave. 

If RH Comm Hall is opened to the community, and the crowd becomes too uncontrollable,OHS/OCA will also step in and implement measures to control overcrowding.

Q: If there is rain, how will people come to Raffles Hall for lunch?

A: Those who wish to dine will still have to reach RH via the unsheltered stairway from Engineering Faculty. It is not expected to be a large dining crowd on rainy days.

Q: Why is a location such as YIH not selected as another venue for the kiosks?

A: The limited seats and space does not make YIH a suitable choice and there will be overcrowding.


Q: Why not try opening the lunch exclusively only to RH residents for the entire first semester, and then assess the needs?

A: OCA will help to manage the lunch crowd at the Engineering and SDE departments. However, if there is probable overcrowding, then Raffles Hall can help to alleviate the overcrowding by allowing some of the diners into the Comm Hall. 


Q: As residents, we paid for hall facilities, and should be entitled to these facilities, so why should the hall be opened for non-residents’ use? And what security measures are in place to deter non-residents from staying in Raffles Hall beyond lunch hours?

A: As part of the campus, Raffles Hall can contribute to the community through helping with the lunch service. The Management shares the residents’ concerns on safety and security and will install matric-card access to areas such as the Upper Lounge and Lower Lounge. 

Extra CCTV cameras will be installed at the Dining Area and Upper Lounge. Also, as part of its on-going security review, Raffles Hall already has an earlier plan to install gates at the block levels to deter non-residents from entering the upper levels of the blocks. This plan is currently in progress and will be expedited to ensure installation by the beginning of 2019.


For further questions, please direct your enquiries to the JCRC who will work with OHS and OCA to manage /resolve any issues. 

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