Costume Night

Written by: Jennifer

Did that scare you? Don’t worry! Sometimes, it is good to get a little scared, whether that means      watching a blood-curdling horror movie, reading a spooky ghost story, or visiting a haunted house in the middle of an ominous night. That is exactly why we have our favourite October holiday- to get a healthy dose of fear, with a side of fun and happiness.

However, Halloween is still not just about the spooks- it is also about being able to gather with your friends and just have fun. To provide a chance for the RHesidents to show appreciation to one another, the RH culture committee arranged an open mic session during dinner on Costume Night and gave everyone the opportunity to suggest song dedications for their friends. 

Open Mic Session 

On Costume Night, the common hall was in its usual state- busy, chaotic, yet homey. However, the atmosphere instantly built up when six people, dressed in all-black outfits came and took over the stage. If you didn’t know already, they are a band called Double Shots from RH Unplugged! The open mic session began with a song request for the song called ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears, and they certainly did not disappoint the visibly hyped-up audience. Other songs that were performed by the band were ‘Mercy’ by Duffy and ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline. The session was maximised to showcase the talents of each and one of the band member- the vocalist’s powerful vocals, as well as the proficiency of the instrumentalists. 

Next, it was time for Super Singles, a five-member band to get up on stage and perform. They started with a performance of ‘2002’ by Anne-Marie. Some of the other songs they performed were ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train and ‘The Nights’ by Avicii. The night turned out to be even more special than it already was, when they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to celebrate the birthday of one of the RHesidents. Two RHesidents also got the chance to perform with the band and showed off their musical talents by performing some Chinese songs. 

Into the Night 

Did you think our Costume Night ended there? Oh, what a joke! Despite the end of  the dinner performance, the night was just about to begin. Followed by dinner performance, was the real highlight of the night- Costume Night, where a lot of cultural performances took place and RHesidents get to dress up as their favourite  characters. As the night progressed, even more RHesidents arrived at the common hall dressed in frightening costumes, covered in both face paint and fake blood. A group of RHesidents dressed as the characters of Journey to the West, such as the Monkey King, Zhu Bajie, Tang Sanzang and others. Another RHesident dressed up as Joker, by wearing a suit, covering up his face and body with paint, and dyeing his hair green. 

The best part of the night is undoubtedly free food! Spooky words, such as “RIP”, “HELP”, “SAVE ME”, were written on top of the snacks served. And if that is not enough, in order to encourage RHesidents to avoid the use of disposables, Green Committee gave out free mashed potato from one of the most popular supper spots for students, Ameen, with the condition that RHesidents bring their own lunch boxes. There were several performances throughout the night, such as contemporary dance as well as a performance by RH Voices. Afterwards, RHockerfellas performed on the common hall stage with ‘That’s What You Get’ by Paramore, ‘Check Yes Juliet’ by We The Kings and ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’ by Fall Out Boys. Rest assured, there were jumping, head banging and wild, screaming audiences involved! In the blink of an eye, the night came to an end. RHesidents were drained but surely, for a supposedly horrifying night, everyone had loads of fun... and food.