FAQ on CCA Certificates

What is the procedure for applying for a CCA certificate?

  1. Ensure that your CCA record card is duly filled up and countersigned / stamped by the respective signatories
  2. Bring your CCA record card to the NUS Student Service Centre (SSC) at YIH
  3. Submit your CCA record card to the officer-on-duty
  4. Collect your CCA certificate from the SSC

What is the fee for appyling for a CCA certificate?
Ans: There is no administrative fee involved.

How long do I have to wait to collect my CCA certificate?
Ans: It takes about two weeks upon submission.

If I cannot collect my CCA certificate personally, what should I do?
Ans: You should pass your Matriculation card and letter of authorisation to your proxy to collect the certificate on your behalf from the SSC. Proof of identity is required at the point of collection.

I have not graduated but I need a copy of my CCA certificate to apply for bursaries/scholarships/employment etc. May I get a copy of my CCA certificate to date?
Ans: Yes, you may make a photocopy (double-sided) of your CCA Record Card and get it certified at OSA as true copy. Do not attach your original CCA Record Card to any applications.

Where/how can I get a copy of the CCA record card?
Ans: You can download a copy of the record card at this website: www.nus.edu.sg/osa/activities/downloads/eca-card.pdf

If I need further assistance regarding the CCA records/certificates, who can I contact?
Ans: If you have any queries regarding your CCA records/certificates, you may email to OSA CCA Certificate at osamv@nus.edu.sg.



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