lost and Services

New Virtual One Stop Service for Lost & Found Service

RepoApp is the new software that manages lost and found items on campus.

You may now search for your lost item online. Visit or call any of the Reporting points to check its location.

If you are unable to find your lost item, you may lodge a claim form online to report your loss. You will be contacted if the item is subsequently handed to any of the reporting points.

The Student Service Centre at Kent Ridge Campus and the Student Services Office at Bt Timah Campus are two of the many reporting points where you may hand in items found. Details of the found items will be registered in the RepoApp database and then displayed online to facilitate search by the owner.

Officers at the reporting points will contact owners if the items found carry the owner’s identity e.g. student card, Undergraduate Concession Card.

Please read important instructions here before you use the system. To access the instructional page outside NUS, please login to NUS Intranet via WebVPN.