Student activities are an important part of our lives as Shearites. With the wide array of Sports, Committees, and Cultural groups available for each Shearite to participate in, there is definitely an avenue for us to pursue our passion and interests. These CCAs allow us to interact with Shearites from different blocks, and creates a tightly knitted Shearite family that stems beyond our daily interactions with our block mates.

The sports teams in Sheares are like no other; as we place a strong emphasis on friendship and unity. Every Shearite is encouraged to pick up a new sport, even for those without prior experience.
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Beyond technical excellence and the quality of performance, it is a platform for Shearites to express themselves and cultivate their shared passion for the performing arts.
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From Hall Concerts to formal dinners, to Inter-Hall Games, to Night Cycling and every other exciting events Sheares Hall has to offer, our Comms go the extra mile to make every event successful.
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