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Pop by the sixth floor of Yusof Ishak House and you may get to see the friendly faces of the National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU) Secretariat -- a dedicated team of student leaders working hard to advance the student cause on campus.

NUSSU is the bridge that links each student with the University, a lifeline that boosts the welfare of the student body.

In facilitating a vibrant student life, NUSSU partners the OSA and other NUS departments to create avenues for dynamic student development. This partnership also sees the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives which inject vitality into campus life.  The Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony, Rag and Flag and Matriculation Week are some of the plethora of exciting events co-organised by NUSSU in promoting student life.

NUSSU strives to be a relevant and visible member of the University community, and is supported by its constituent bodies which fall under two broad categories, faculty and non-faculty clubs. They are: 



Once registered into NUS, every NUS undergraduate directly becomes a member of NUSSU and their home Faculty Club. No application forms or membership fees required!

Membership in a non-Faculty Club is optional.

To find out more about the Union, students may visit the NUSSU website or contact the NUSSU Secretariat directly. Or, you could come to the sixth floor of Yusof Ishak House; the Secretariat would be pleased to assist you.

NUSSU Secretariat
6th Floor, Yusof Ishak House
Tel: 6601 1345
Fax: 6777 1874
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it