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The Internet has no boundaries: Staying connected through online e-gaming

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20 May 2020

Hi, I’m Sean Heng, a Year 3 student at the NUS Business School, and the President of NUS E-Gaming (NUSEG). My goal as President is to build a connected gaming community within NUS, one that allows gamers to find friends and bond together, improve their gaming skills and to stay positive during COVID-19

My personal favourite game is League of Legends. As a team-based game, it relies heavily on communication between team mates to decide on what objective to take next, or who to focus out in fights. It’s simply so rewarding to work as a team to out-class, out-perform and out-manoeuvre your opponents. Playing this game has allowed me to bond with many others in the club, and the interactions I’ve had through these three years has allowed me to form friendships with students from all walks of life. In fact, my closest friendships was formed through the competitions I’ve taken part in this club.

NUSEG-CNYStudents enjoying game booths at CNY Party 2020

Gamers being gamers, our rooms are our natural habitats. We are most connected when we are online and using games as a platform for NUS students to interact with their community and get to know one another better. The aim of such activities is to encourage students to mingle with one another through their online avatars, in the form of online gameplay where they get to talk to each other, crack jokes and cut loose from the academic rigour.

Personally, I’ve driven away my sense of isolation by having regular gaming sessions with my friends at night (and also binge reading manga). I have never been more thankful for my friends during this period of isolation. It gives me comfort to know that I can go online anytime and there will always be someone to play with. The companionship with like-minded players is the source that drives me to continue to provide a virtual space for people to take a break from studying and enter an online world where you feel accepted.

In these trying times, if you're feeling isolated and just want to talk to others or learn new things, e-gaming offers a plethora of escape mechanisms. 

From MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2 in which you style yourself whichever way you want to adventure, or open sandbox games such as Minecraft where you literally build your own virtual world, games are a world unto its own that you can explore from the comforts of your own chair. 

The e-gaming landscape can be scary to explore alone, so I invite you to join us at NUSEG and our upcoming Post-finals event to find like-minded players to game with.

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Writer: Sean Heng, Year 3, NUS Business School
Editor: Lily Chow
Sean Heng by Daniel Tan, Office of University Communications
Chinese New Year Party by NUSEG