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Community Engagement

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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is dedicated to empowering NUS students who are keen in driving positive impact through various community engagement initiatives. Connect with like-minded individuals to collaborate, check out the latest funding opportunities, or simply be inspired by past projects!

In addition, we embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do. The only reason people think differences are major is because we’ve been brought up in a culture that has taught us to see differences. We live in a world that encourages people to use differences to include or exclude, reward or punish, elevate, or oppress, value or devalue, leave alone or harass. Once we have formed unconscious judgments, or “stereotypes,” they usually do not change unless we take the time to examine and consciously consider their accuracy. 

Starting August 2020, the OSA has developed a series of tools for you to embark on your journey to Explore, Discover and Understand Diversity and Inclusion.


Starter Kit 

From Me to We: an Unfinished Story 

In 2020, we have released the first edition of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Starter Kit. The Starter Kit 2.0 aims to share more about the various themes of diversity within NUS, and to share the programmes and projects which various student groups and organisations have embarked on. To download the Starter Kit, click here


The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Grant allows students to work with various communities and beneficiaries to promote D&I. For more information, click here.


Introductory to Diversity and Inclusion Through Cultural Intelligence 

Participants undergo a journey of self-discovery and exploration that opens their minds to the nuances and challenges of living in a diverse society. The session will enable participants to gain deeper understanding and enhanced awareness of the biases, presumptions, perceptions and attitudes around key diversity issues through honest and open facilitated discussions and reflections.    

Leading with Cultural Intelligence 

For Student Leaders in Organisations and Teams, this workshop is designed to enhance personal and leadership understanding and effectiveness in managing diverse teams and member. Participants will undertake a cultural intelligence assessment tool and used as basis for reflection and application. Participants are required to map out action plan.  

Cultural Intelligence As Essential Intelligence  

The session helps students who are less familiar with norms and practices in Singapore to gain better understanding of how they can adapt and adjust better into our academic and social cultures here in NUS and Singapore. Participants will Students draw upon their CQ Assessment results to prepare for their student life experiences. Participants will also map an action plan and one on one follow up sessions.  


What does community engagement injected with diversity and inclusion goals look like at NUS?

Click on the links below or connect with our many student clubs by using the Student Organisation Directory. Use the drop down menu and select categories including Community Service/Social Cause, Cultural, Faith-based to explore, discover and understand.

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