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Hostel Options

Hostel Options

NUS Non-Graduating (Exchange or Non-Exchange) students may apply for a place in the Halls of Residence and Student Residences. Accommodations at the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Tembusu, Residential College 4 and Cinnamon Colleges are primarily for Non-Graduating students from the colleges' partner universities. 

The Halls are known for their vibrant CCA, rich history and culture. Living in the halls is akin to having another family in school altogether. Each hall has its own distinct culture and is led by a hall master and an elected hall committee. Residents are expected to participate actively in hall activities. Meals are catered and residents are required to subscribe to the meal plan.

The Residences offer independent living with opportunities for cross cultural interaction with the international community of students.  As Residences offer more privacy, they tend to be quieter than Halls.  Students staying in the Residences participate in activities organised by their campus-wide clubs, societies and interest groups.

Colleges provide a unique learning and living environment. Meals are catered and residents are required to subscribe to this catering service.

The hostel rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and fitted with LAN point for connection to campus network.

Halls of Residence


Student Residences

Eusoff Hall

Kent Ridge Hall

King Edward VII Hall

PGP House

Raffles Hall

Sheares Hall

Temasek Hall

Cinnamon (USP) College

Tembusu College

College of Alice & Peter Tan

Residential College 4

Ridge View Residential College

Prince George's Park Residences

UTown Residence


  • Meals are catered for the halls and colleges (except PGP House), and residents are required to subscribe to the meal plan. For further details, please refer to the page on Hostel Rates.
  • UTown Residence is in close proximity to the Town Green Plaza which hosts lively activities throughout the year. Some noise is to be expected from these activities. Students who are sensitive to noise may want to take this into consideration when selecting hostel preferences.
  • Blocks 20 to 25 (Type C rooms) in PGPH will be closed for renovation works from June to to December 2020 (estimated). Inevitably, noise and dust will be generated during the renovation works. Precautions will be taken to minimize inconvenience to residents. Students who are sensitive to noise and dust may want to take this into consideration when indicating the hostel preferences.
  • Type B rooms at PGPR are not available for application for AY2020/21 as it would be the holding site for PGPH while PGPH undergoes renovation.
  • Please note that Block 6 (Type A rooms) in PGPR would be used for Government Quarantine Facility (GQF).  Students who are uncomfortable to stay in close proximity to GQF should not apply for Type A room.