Student Support Services (S3)


In view of COVID-19 safe distancing and tele-commuting measures, Peer Student Supporters and PitStop@YIH will not be active for the rest of the Semester 2. If you are seeking a listening ear, have concerns or are feeling stressed, please email and one of our OSA Student Support Managers will be happy to arrange a phone or video call to chat with you.


We are S3 (Student Support Services) a unit of the Office of Student Affairs to support students’ well-being as you navigate your journey in NUS. Reach out to our S3  Team, meet our Peer Student Supporters or visit our PitStop@YIH. We are delighted to be there to help equip you with self-care management tips, support your emotional needs or and lend a listening ear. Drop by at PitStop@YIH, our ‘healing home’, to rejuvenate and be recharged.

The STeam


We are a caring team of Student Support Managers committed to supporting you as you navigate through your journey on campus.

John Chng, Head, Student Support Services
Adrian Wan
Joanne Quek
Sharon Teo
Gordon Lai
Tammie Moo

Peer Student Supporters

If you want a peer to talk to, a patient listening ear or perhaps somebody who can guide you in the right direction, you may want to be in touch with our dedicated Peer Student Supporters. They are here to journey with you. Peer Student Supporters are available everyday at the PitStop@YIH, 12:00pm - 6:00pm, Mon - Fri. In view of COVID-19, w.e.f 6 Apr, PitStop@YIH will be closed


Drop by at the PitStop@YIH for a break. Rest, be healed and recharged. PitStop@YIH offers lots of space to chill-out, rest, talk and get engaged in many therapeutic art activities. There is even a games room to help you de-stress. In addition, this accessible space offers the latest assistive technologies to support our students with special needs. We are at Yusof Ishak House, Level 1, just behind 7Eleven. In view of COVID-19, w.e.f 6 Apr, PitStop@YIH will be closed

Faculty Student Support Managers

Salso partners with Faculty Student Support Managers, SSM. Demanding academic schedules and personal commitments can always leave a student overwhelmed. As a student, you may not know of the right avenues to approach for resources. Within each faculty's student life division, you have direct access to a designated Student Support Manager who can support, guide and connects you to the available resources on campus.

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 Faculty / School  Name Email
 Faculty of Engineering
 Martin Nonis
   Shanmuga Priya D/O Subramaniam
 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  Lynn Seah
 Mark Tan
 Faculty of Science  Yong Lai Cheng
 Kasie Au
 Faculty of Law  Grace Lam
 NUS Business School  Koh Eu Beng (UG)
 Farah Nadiah Binte Mustafa (UG)
 Zahira Nawi (MBA)
 Lim Pei Ling (PhD)  
 Sio Swee Siong, Saul (MSC)
 Low Yan Ling (MSC)
 Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music  Chiam Hui Li
 Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy  Florence Siew 
 Norlela Binte Mohamed 
 School of Computing  Adele Chiew
 Duke-NUS Medical School  Muhammad Yusuf Bin Abdul Rahma
 Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine  Chong Siew Ling
 Janice Loh
 Geetha Sreedhara Warrier
 YLLSoM (Nursing, ALCNS)  Assoc Prof Chow Yeow Leng
 Faculty of Dentistry  Ann Fong (UG)
 Hor Chuen Yee @Shereen Sofiah Hor (UG)
 Chew Poh Hong (PG)
 School of Design and Environment  Lee Si Min
 Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health  Diane Lai
 Yang Chunxuan
Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering  Lee Siew Ching Joan
 University Scholars Programme  Rachel Lam

New Student Advice Column Launches!


OSA introduces a new biweekly student advice column featuring the hottest topics that matter to your student life. Get expert advice from our Student Support Services (S3) team about managing relationships, handling academic pressure to controlling anxiety about your career. Got questions? Need advice? Email us at to be shortlisted and featured in our next OSAY! issue. Hope this column will assist others who share the same concerns as you.

Feb 2020
Dear S-Cubie: E-learning blues, how to shake it off?
"With the current COVID-19 protocol, I’ve been doing my studies through the e-learning platforms. I find it difficult to stay disciplined completing the webcasted lectures on time. Furthermore, some topics were too difficult for me to follow and I feel lost. I’m feeling more anxious and stressed by the day as my backlog is piling up. What shall I do?"

Dear S-Cubie: Group work is so painful, how to make it through?
"I’m trying my best to do well for my group project, but my group-mates don’t seem to have the same idea. How can I get my group-mates to contribute their fair share and put in their best effort?"

Get advice here.


Concerned For Someone? Connect with Us!

Know a friend or someone at risk and might need support? Share your concerns by emailing us. We respect your wish to remain anonymous. You can also drop by the PitStop@YIH to visit the space or speak with a Peer Student Supporter on duty.

Address: Office of Student Affairs, National University of Singapore, Yusof Ishak House, Level 1, 31 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119078

Upcoming Events

We are committed to promoting a culture of self-care and community care for you and have designed a series of wellness activities throughout the semester for you to participate. Visit our Events page now.