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Modes of Payment

There are several modes of payment available for you to pay your student bill. 
   • GIRO
   • Credit/Debit card
   • Internet banking
   • Cash
   • NETs (not available)
   • Cheque

GIRO is a standing instruction that students (or through their parents/guardians) set up with their preferred local banks in Singapore to allow payment to NUS to be deducted electronically when fees are due. It is hassle-free, requiring only a one-time setup effort at no cost. Once set up, payable fees outstanding in the Student Account are automatically deducted on scheduled fee payment due dates.

To apply for GIRO –

  1. Login to: Education Records System (EduRec)
  2. Click "My Homepage" for drop-down menu
  3. Select "Financials"
  4. Click "Maintain Student Financials"
  5. Click “Manage Bank Accounts”


    For DBS/POSB bank account holders –

  6. Click “Apply for GIRO (online setup for DBS/POSB account holders
  7. Log in using your DBS/POSB internet banking account.


    For manual GIRO application

  8. Click "Apply for GIRO (manual steps)" and input the required information
  9. Click "Submit"
  10. Click "OK"
  11. The GIRO form will pre-populate with the info you have input.
  12. Print the GIRO form for the bank account holder to sign or affix his/her thumbprint (duly verified in the presence of a bank officer) in accordance with the bank's records.
  13. Submit the completed GIRO form (with the bank account holder's signature or verified thumbprint) to the Student Service Centre (SSC will reopen on 20 July 2020) by the deadline stipulated at Student Finance webpage.

    Visit the Office of Finance website for more information on GIRO.
Credit/Debit card
Payment by credit/debit cards can only be made online via MyEduRec or NUS FastPay.
Payment via EduRec
   a. Disable the pop-up blocker in the Internet browser's settings
   b. Login to EduRec using either Internet Explorer or Firefox
   c. Click "My Homepage" for drop-down menu
   d. Select "Financial Self Services"
   e. Click "Bill Request"
   f. Select "Student Bill" from drop-down menu in "Bill Type" and the applicable "Term"
   g. Click "View Student Bill"
   h. Click "Make a payment" at the bottom of the Student Bill
   i. Select desired payment mode from drop-down menu in "Payment Method" and enter the "Payment
   j. Click "Submit"
   k .A pop-up page should then appear for you to key in your credit card details. Follow the on-screen
       instructions accordingly

For payment via NUS FastPay, refer here.

For successful payment via EduRec, the amount paid will be reflected in the student bill immediately.
For successful payment via FastPay, the amount paid will be reflected in the student bill between 1 to 3 working days.
Internet Banking
Payment may be made via the Internet Banking platform of DBS/POSB, or OCBC as follows: 
   a. Login into your Internet Banking account via the bank's website 
   b. Use "Bill Payment / Payment" option
   c. Select "NUS - Student Bill" as the Payee
   d. Indicate the A-series Student Number in the reference field of the transaction
Cash payment can only be made at Singapore Post Offices or SingPost.

To pay by cash, please: 
   a. Print a copy of your online Student Bill (barcoded at the bottom of the bill) that is at most 2 working
       days before the date of your payment
   b. Present the clearly printed and un-crumpled Student Bill together with the full amount of the
       outstanding fees in cash only at SingPost
   c. Keep the receipt issued to you upon payment for future reference

Your payment will not be accepted by SingPost if you do not present a printed Student Bill or do not make the cash payment in full. 

SSC will reopen on 20 July 2020. This service will resume then.  

NETs payment is accepted at the Student Service Centre. However, students are reminded of the daily transaction limit of S$2,000 imposed by the banks. Students paying bills of more than S$2,000 are advised to adopt other modes of e-payment such as credit card or internet banking.

To make payment by NETs - 
   a. Bring along a printed copy of your student bill
   b. Ensure your sudent bill is within your transaction limit set by the bank. If not, to approach the bank
       for an increase in limit.  
Domestic cheque or bank draft drawn on a bank in Singapore should be crossed and made payable to NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE. All payments must be made in Singapore currency.

To pay by cheque or bank draft, please: 
   a. Write the following details on the reverse side of your cheque/bank draft: 
       ◾ Full Name
       ◾ A-series Student Number
       ◾ Telephone Number
       ◾ Purpose of Payment (e.g. Tuition fee payment), and

   b. Mail to:
      Cashier Counter, Office of Financial Services
      National University of Singapore
      University Hall
      Tan Chin Tuan Wing, UHT #LG-02
      21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
      Singapore 119077


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