Office of Safety, Health & Environment

International and National Collaborations

indo 2017 Indonesia OSHE in Higher Education Forum Workshop
on 24 Oct 2017 button
dnata 2017 Study Visit to dnata Singapore
on 23 Oct 2017 button
princeton_brighton Visit by Princeton University and University of Brighton
on 7 Sep 2017 button
Visit by Ms Ito Visit by Ms Ito (Tokyo City University)
on 27 Mar 2017 button
UK_universities_visit_2017 Safety & Health Forum (SingHealth Office of Biosafety)
on 25 Nov 2016 button
UK_universities_visit_2017 Visit to UK universities
on 14 Nov 2016 button
UThealth Visit to the University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston)
on 28 Sep 2016 button
petronas_visit Visit by Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Perak Malaysia and Dr Ai Shuhara, University of Tokyo
on 19 Sep 2016 button
moe_visit Visit by Ms Nancy Leppink, International Labour Organisation
on 23 Aug 2016 button
acsel_2016 3rd Asian Conference on Safety and Education in Laboratories in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
on 14-15 Jul 2016 button
moe_visit Visit by the Ministry of Education
on 2 Jun 2016 button
nagoya2016 Visit to Nagoya University
on 2 Feb 2016 button
nagoya2016 Pre-Conference Japan-Singapore Joint Meeting & 2nd Asian Conference on Safety and Education in Laboratories (ACSEL) in Indonesia
on 1 Dec 2015 button
willpate Safety Review by Mr. William Pate, Programme Director for Radiation Safety at The University of Texas Medical Branch
on 1 Feb 2016 button
colinchua Visit by Mr Colin Chua and Seminar on the Overview on the Certification of Occupational Health & Safety Professionals Practitioners in Australia
on 16 Dec 2015 button
okinawa Visit by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University & Nagoya University
on 27 Nov 2015 button
SNU Visit by Seoul National University
on 13 Oct 2015 button
SNU International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) 2015 and Visit to Seoul National University
on 5 Oct 2015 button
indo2 Study Visit by Universitas Indonesia
on 16-17 Sep 2015 button
andrewknight Visit by Mr Andrew Knight, University of Brighton
on 15 Jun 2015 button
MOU Signing of Agreements for Collaboration between National University of Singapore and Nagoya University & Universitas Indonesia
on 15 May 2015 button
emery Professor Robert Emery from the University of Texas giving a talk on Safety Coordinator enhancement at the 2nd NUS Safety, Health & Environment Conference
on 14 May 2015 button
myanmar The International Seminar of the Safety, Health and Education 2014 was held at the Koh-yu Kaikan, Ehime University
on 1 Dec 2014 button
myanmar Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with Myanmar Advanced Trainees in Occupational Medicine
on 9 Mar 2015 button
lou2 Visit by Mr. Louis DiBerardinis and Dr Marissa Cardwell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
on 5 Feb 2015 button
hdb Visit by Mr. Erike Young, Global Safety Manager, Google Inc.,
on 29 Sep 2014 button
hdb Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with HDB and NTUC
on 7 Jul 2014 button
profkoh Review of OSHE’s Occupational Health Programme by Professor David Koh Soo Quee on 11 Jun to 12 Jun 2014 button
                            Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with Nagoya University & Ehime University Delegates on 24 Feb to 27 Feb 2014 button
                            Benchmarking of NUS Occupational Health & Safety Management System by Universitas Indonesia on 24 Feb to 25 Feb 2014 button
SHRE Key Highlights of the 4th Conference on “Safety and Health in Research and Education: Enhancing Competencies – Systems & Practices” 2013 button
                            Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with Ehime University on 18 Oct 2013 button
tokyo Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with University of Tokyo on 15 Oct 2013 button
ukm Sharing of NUS Safety Management System with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 3 June 2013 button
UBD Study visit by University of Brunei Darussalam on 25 and 26 March 2013 button
india Visit by Office of Environment, Health & Safety (OEHS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 7 Mar 2013 button
india Study visit by Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India button
korea Study visit by Education Faculty Disaster Association (EDUFA), Korea button
nagoya OSHE conducted a 2.5 day session on "Sharing of NUS Safety & Health Programmes" for staff from the Environment & Safety Management Center (ESMC) of Nagoya University button
icon   OSHE hosts team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012 button
Prof Murata   Sharing of Safety Training System and Safety Management System with Nagoya University button
Duke   A Visit to Duke University on November 2011 button
FraserU   A Visit to Simon Fraser University on 4th November 2011 button
OSHE hosted a Roundtable Discussion on International Safety & Health Collaboration in Research & Educational Institutions on 3 June 2011 button
  Sharing of Safety Management System with Massachusetts Institute of Technology button
  Sharing of Safety Management System with Universiti Brunei Darussalam button
  OSHE contributions to International Safety and Health Conferences button